Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grapefruit Memories

I had a grapefruit for breakfast this morning. I admit, I need to sprinkle a little sugar on it to sweeten it up. As I was eating, my mind drifted back to my childhood. My dad would take the grapefruit seeds (there was usually one or two in each fruit), poke a hole in a planter near the kitchen, and push the seed down into the dirt. We'd always have little "grapefruit trees" coming up in various potted plants. Of course after the initial growth, the conditions in the home weren't conducive to grapefruit tree growth and the little plants would wither away. But my dad was always adding new seeds as grapefruit came across the breakfast rotation. 

I like grapefruit, but it's not something I eat a ton of. I usually go in spurts, but maybe that's because I'll buy the big bag of them from Sam's Club (not just one or two here and there at the grocery store). I like the "ruby red" ... the pink just isn't appealing to me at all (I'm really affected by sight, smell, anticipation of texture, often actual taste never even comes into play. I have Eating Issues).

I went a little overboard with the citrus at Sam's the other day ...
I picked up a big bag of grapefruit ... they were huge and there were six-eight in each bag. I grabbed some clementines ... so much easier to peel than oranges, and a bit more bit size as well. I prefer the early season ones (Nov/Dec) more than the Spring ones (which are more mandarin oranges).  I picked up a big bag of oranges too, they just looked so big and beautiful. I was disappointed in them when I got home and tried to offer it for eating. It was almost impossible to peel and the rind portion was really large. The oranges aren't really getting eaten. 

I need to keep an eye on the pears ripening in the background too!

Another grapefruit memory I have was in college. I was visiting a friend, and her roommate offered me a grapefruit for breakfast, which I accepted. The roommate proceeded to "prep" the grapefruit for me. She took a knife and ran it all along the outer edge, then the repeated the process along each inner membrane. I'd never prepped a grapefruit to this extent, but I had to admit, it really made it easier to eat! I thought "this gal is going to make a great mommy!" and I've prepped my grapefruit this way ever since!  Anyone else out there do this?

I need to ask my dad if he still "plants" random seeds from his fruit. Or I guess I could just examine the planters next time I am over, see if I can see any of the little "trees" growing there.  Just for fun ... I poked MY seed from breakfast into one of our planters. I'll have to remember to watch it. *Ü*

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Do YOU have any grapefruit memories?


  1. If you roll your oranges on the table very firmly back and forth quite a few times, they get very easy to peel.

    We peel our grapefruit and then take off all of the pulpy skin of each segment. We then just eat the inside portion of each segment. It's a lot sweeter tasting that way, as the segment skins are a bit bitter tasting. :D

    1. I'll have to try both those options, thanks! I still have plenty of oranges and grapefruit to experiment on :)

  2. I slice the grapefruit in half, then do the knife thing all the way around. Only way to eat them! :)

    Mineola's (I think that was the name) are due any day at the market; I discovered them last year. They are a cross between a ruby red grapefruit and a tangerine. I don't like tangerines. But these were AMAZINGLY good. I think Mineola was the name. As soon as I see them, I'll come and let you know.

    and the only oranges I'll eat are navels, because they are sweeter and easier to peel or cut, and less seeds. :)


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