Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feel The Beat

Music can be so motivating! I'm a little picky when it comes to working out to music though, the BEAT is what drives me.  Sometimes I'll see someone recommend some good "running" songs and I think to myself "that song is NOT a running song, it's a walking song" because my foot falls have to match the beat of the song exactly. EX. ACT. LY.  Call me OCD ...

Last year I started challenging myself to run a WHOLE mile without stopping (you read that right, one entire mile! Impressive, I know). To be able to do this, I need to stick with a slow but steady 5mph pace (set to this speed on the treadmill). As I'd do my daily jog, I went through my playlists while I jogged ... some songs were too fast, some too slow, but now I have a nice list of perfect songs for me, that even off the treadmill I think I'd stay at that perfect pace.

Have you heard of Jog.fm? It's a website and an app ... I haven't tried using the app yet, as on my treadmill, I use an older ipod on a speaker, not my iphone, to play my music. Anyway, it's an interesting option to look at your music and perhaps find more songs that will work for you. Each song has the BPM (beats per minute) listed, and you can search for songs with a certain beat, or checkout playlists that others have created and find new songs that way.

I found it interesting that all my 5mph songs fell right around 160 BPM (or 2x80, a "slower" song that still has the same underlying rhythm). Oddly enough, Jog.fm lists this as a 9-minute mile ... which is NOT the case for me. My mile is definitely a 12-minute mile. But the BPM ... all the songs that ended up on my list all were in a very close range as listed on the website.  I did glance around at other songs with the same BPM, and peeked at playlists others had set up that had similar songs. I don't know that I went out and purchased any new songs, but often I'd see one that I knew I had in my library, but not in my playlist, and then I'd be able to try that out next time I hit the treadmill.

I just thought I'd give a little shout out to jog.fm if it was something you hadn't heard of. I know some people can just jog to any music, but if you are like me ... driven by the beat, then having a list of the BPM of your favorite songs may be helpful in deciding which music will motivate you the most. That's my little offering for the weekly Tips and Tricks linkup.

There was an interesting article out just today...
Songs Scientifically Proven to Help Fuel Your Workouts

Does the beat of the music matter to you?
I know there are other apps out there that do similar things? Any good ones you've tried?


  1. Great! I am planning to get back into running soon, and music is very important to me too. It's funny because some songs I don't like at all doing anything else, I really like while I am running, just for the beat of the music. Music makes the workout for me! Great music really pumps up the workout, no matter what I am doing.

  2. Well, my input in this particular topic is probably null and void, because I don't run. I DO dance, though, six times a week. I have a GREAT playlist for dancing. Except, now I dance while watching TV...time goes by even faster when I'm watching a TV show I've taped. I don't dance through dramas though...only comedy, reality shows, or sporting events. I'm weird. I know. LOL

    Great some of these apps they've come up with though! SO brilliant!

    1. I knew you danced Gwen and I wondered if it was to music or DVDs or shows. I watch shows more than I listen to music, and intense dramas are actually the best for me to work out to (elliptical, or jogging intervals ... those are easier w/o music as I'm changing pace often). Often seeing someone running or fighting on screen, I can't help but pick up on some of the adrenaline. Same goes for jogging during the boy's basketball games!

  3. I understand totally. I also can't run to anything too slow. Thanks for sharing jog.fm - going to check it out now.

  4. Very cool! I had heard of something similar a long time ago, it I didn't run then. I really need to find a good playlist - I spend a lot of time switching songs! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I have to have music for workouts. Otherwise I get bored.

  6. I have not heard of this. I always listen to songs when I run because it just helps me for some reason. I add my favs to my phone and wear it on my arm. :) I got nominated for some blog awards, and since I always read your blog, I nominated you. :) http://www.fatmom-tofitmom.com/2014/01/awesome-blog-content-award-and-sunshine.html


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