Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blogging on the Brain

A bit of a Throwback Thursday post today. Several years ago, I was a "scrapbooker". Yes, one of those obsessed crafty mommy's making pages with her kids pictures. It went beyond just a hobby, as I pursued publication in the various magazines, entered contests, taught classes and worked on design teams. At one point, it even became a full time job. I was managing editor for the Fun With Photos Memories and More project (a collaboration from IMP and Creating Keepsakes, I was working for Creating Keepsakes).  We were using mostly previously published stuff; re-organized for direct mail presentation. But there was a lot of original artwork as well (the page featured above is one of mine).  You can see more of my pages in my online album.

I think I scrapbooked myself out.

I still have a room FULL of supplies (cardstock, stickers, adhesive, trimmers ... seriously, everything you could imagine!) but other than the occasional poster for the kids school or handmade card, I haven't done much in years. The poor little one (will be turning eight this year) doesn't have a scrapbook page to his name. I did start a family blog a few years ago. That is now my way of keeping up with all the photos and journaling.

Why am I bringing this up on my fitness blog?

Back when I was scrapbooking, my head would almost always be filled with "pages in progress" ... ideas to feature a picture or a product. Sometimes "scrapbook brain" would keep me awake at night. My mind was always turning toward ways of preserving my memories on a page.

As fitness and getting to goal weight has become my passion, my thoughts are often on a variety of related topics. As I started this blog, I often have "blogger's brain" ... new experiences, products, interesting articles, I'll think "that could make an interesting blog post".  The trouble is finding the time to get them from my head to the page (just like it was when I was scrapbooking). I plan on doing a post about my experience with my heart rate monitor, about going back to music for my mile jog, about shoes, about my weight workout ... some things I think I will remember, but experience has shown are so easy to forget.  It's one thing I regretted with my original weight loss ... I didn't have anything documented. This time, I wanted to record it all every step of the way.

Ironically ... back as I was working on the project above, we had several categories we were creating cards for. One of those was "Life's Milestones".  We so wanted a "weight loss success" scrapbook page or mini album to feature. In all my resources (all published magazines and books to date) there wasn't one! Often, when we were lacking a page for a specific topic, I'd go ahead and commission it or create it myself. But at that point in my life, I had not had any weight loss success and I honestly didn't think I personally ever would.

That would be an easy scrapbook page to create now. 
I could create an entire album. 
But that IS my blog, and it's still in progress.

Link-Ups also inspire me to different topics or posts I might not have thought about on my own. Very similar to assignments for certain scrapbook pages in the past.  I do consider my blog an NSV for me. Linking up with Kristen (who posted about blogging yesterday *Ü*).  Also check out Feed Me I'm Cranky's blog post You Know You're a Blogger When ...


  1. I have 10 years worth of paper scrapbooks and they are treasures. Now with everything going digitial I have done 1 year of the family photos in digital but am 2 years behind. Sigh.

  2. I love my paperscrapbooks and have tons of stuff to do more....I don't do it too often. I have made some digital books.....but for my weight loss journey, other than a few scrapbook pages over they years my blog is my memories of the journey!

  3. I was really good keeping albums for my kids up until pictures were almost all digital. Maybe through age 6ish? I'm so glad I have the albums I have, but I really should work on more. Oh well.

  4. I wish I could come up with so many ideas like you can. I often get blogger's block and can't think for the life of me what else I can possibly post about my subject. I brainstorm with other people. I take a couple of days off. Then I get an idea and I am so grateful for it!

  5. I had a great scrapbook started once. I have found with blogging, I try to get as much on the page on sunday for all my weekly posts as possible. Then when I do add to them, it's much easier.


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