Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Spotlight #5

I didn't post a Saturday Spotlight last week ... did you miss it? *Ü*  I don't know if I just didn't get in as much reading, or if I just didn't find any posts that struck me as interesting enough to include, but I just did not have a list to post.  This week's offerings are a little short too ...

  • Kids & Concussions - There has been a lot of focus lately on concussions. I know with all my kids sports I have to sign a sheet outlining the signs of a concussion. Here in Utah, after a head injury you have to get a doctor's ok before the child can return to play. This article takes it even further, saying even a return to mental activity (school) should perhaps be postponed.
  • How Foodie Are You? This is a little Facebook quiz going around about 100 rare foods, to see how you stack up on what you've tried. As I'm uber picky, I figured I would probably get zero, but there were five I had tried. A rootbeer float is rare?  I haven't had one in years and I don't really like them (I'll have the rootbeer and ice cream separately) but I have had one before ...
  • How Old Is Your Health: Another quiz, answer a few questions to see how your "health" age compares to your actual age. The title link takes you to the article, direct link to the quiz can be found here (online calculator). I did come in under my actual age. 
  • Food That's Not Food: In the "clean eating" world, almost all processed food gets a bad rap, but even among the processed foods, there are some that perhaps don't deserve the label of "food" ... 
  • Trans Fats Ban: Trans fat has been so vilified that most products have stopped using it, but there are some still out there. If it's actually banned, I wonder what will be developed to replace it?

... just a little shout out to a couple other bloggers with posts similar to this. I enjoy hearing what others have been reading about.  Check out SuccessAlongTheWay and Strength&Sunshine for more reading recommendations.  If you have a post sharing something you've read and think deserves a second chance in the spotlight, I love it if you linked up!


  1. Cool links. I didn't see where to answer the questions for my fitness age.

    1. There was a link to the online calculator in the article (it was a little hidden)

  2. I shared a link to an older post of mine that is about sugar and is based off an issue of National Geographic that was about food.

    Funny you should mention trans fats -- I was watching TV and saw a show that was saying trans fats are poisonous and should not be eaten in any amount, but there are still some foods that include it in amounts so tiny that they can say they have 0 trans fats. I grew up eating trans fats. I hope it doesn't kill me at an early age!


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