Friday, November 29, 2013

Weigh-In #20

Twas the weigh-in after Thanksgiving ...

Yesterday, the morning before the big meal, I had my lowest weigh-in in a while. I didn't do too badly at Thanksgiving dinner, but I did indulge a little too much in chocolate pie. I wasn't surprised when the scale went up again for the weigh-in this morning. Hopefully I'll be able to correct that quickly. It's actually is a loss after the up from last week, but I had been lower the two weeks before that. 

So technically, .5 loss from last week. 
My weekly weight average was up .1 from last week. 
My combined deficit for the week was just over 3300. 

I'm really hoping to drop just a few more pounds and get UNDER 150. You can see in my sidebar that is my secondary goal. I've been so close for so long. Hubby has already lost a few pounds. Hopefully him being in the good eating/exercise mindset will help motivate me a little more. I just got some schedules for the boy's basketball, it's going to get BUSY ...


  1. Well, I know you can do it! I bet you are there before 12/7! In fact, I double dog dare you to do it! :)


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