Sunday, November 3, 2013

October is Over ...

October is over.  I have my basic goals listed there on the right. Most are fitness related. Steps, calories burned, active minutes, a 500+ deficit between TDEE and intake. The "streaks" calendar above shows the days I achieved all my numbers.  As always, I also keep an account in my Day to Day Doings if you wanted more details ...

Breaking it down ... tracking my cardio.
The days I got in my 100 minutes on the Elliptical.
Jogged (no walking) one mile.
30+ minutes on the bike.

... and strength training.
My personal full body weight workout (1 hour)
and Jillian (currently "Ripped in 30")

The fitness is easier for me than the food ...
I was trying to keep calories to 2000 or under
and eat one piece of fruit a day.
Here's how I did.
I also shared my food intake publicly one day.
(What I Ate Wednesday ~ Photos of Food

In addition to my calendars,
 I have my Fitbit "Intake vs Burn" graph.
The goal is to keep the lines from touching or crossing. I didn't do great this past month on that. My goals are to have an average burn of 3000+  (I was just shy of that) and an average intake of under 2000 ( ... I've been eating too much, having too many big/bad days. I think this is the highest average since I started tracking food).  I created a page to keep all my monthly graphs together for easier comparison.

Here's my stats from WalkerTracker ... less steps/distance than Sept or Aug
(mileage is approximated, assuming 2000 steps = 1 mile)
21556 for my daily average.

When October started, my weight was 156.5. On the last day of October, my weight was 152.9. A drop of 3.6 pounds. That's decent. I actually did better with my numbers in September (meeting goals, steps, etc) but the scale just refused to shift last month. I'm so glad it budged this month.

I did take attempt to take new measurements. I have NOT mastered taking measurements, so I'm not sure how much stock I put in changes or the lack thereof. I did not see much (if any) change in the numbers from last month. I am feeling pretty happy with the changes I feel and see in the mirror though. Still not always happy with pictures (Picture Imperfect) but hopefully getting there!

October didn't have any huge challenges. I got in a baking mood, and that wasn't good for the calorie count. I have been a little under the weather here at the end of the month, nothing big. Just some stuffiness and congestion. Now just to resist the left-over Halloween candy that is all over the house.  I still have candy corn in our glass pumpkin on the piano. We have some birthdays in November (mine and hubby's), and of course Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. 

For November, I'd like to continue to strive to hit my fitness numbers and wrap up Jillian's "Ripped in 30" (although I'm not doing it in 30 days, but should still finish this month).  I'll continue tracking my two food goals (under 2000 and a piece of fruit each day) and I really want my monthly average to be below 2000! Again, I'd like to share one day of eating publicly. I hope to lose a few more pounds and get under 150 by the time November ends. I'd like to NOT ever bump up into the "overweight" category ever again, not even for a day (any weigh-in over 155 will do that). 

So that's my look back at October, and my plan for November.
How did you do?


  1. I see lots of x's, to me that's a success.
    October was a low mileage month for me, but this month it's going to be full of challenges. I'm excited about it.

  2. I had to go back and look, but it seems that I lost nine pounds this month. I'm very happy about it! However, I did get really sick in October, so I guess I really can't take all the credit for the weight loss. I've healed up and am back to my exercise and eating regime, and I haven't gained any of the weight from the illness, so I am looking forward to having a terrific November.

    Congrats on the weight loss, Jen. I admire your ceaseless accounting of your fitness and your goals. Wow. Good for you!

  3. I love that you take a look at things at the end of the month. I'm good at setting goals and forgetting them after a week or two and I never seem to look back and evaluate my progress, other than the number on the scale each week. Looks like you had a great Oct. and have great plans for Nov.


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