Sunday, November 10, 2013

Burn 800 Calories In Just 30 Minutes!

Welcome to the second installment of Sunday Fitness Funnies. Here's a calorie burn claim that sounds a bit inflated ... but you know, it's true! Anyone can do it too. *Ü*  I am always suspicious of claims of large calorie burns. In my limited experience trying to get an accurate count (Exercise Estimates) I can see how widely varied the different estimates can be. I do try to err on the side of caution and take the lowest calculation. 

... and back to the picture posted above ... 
I did overcook a waffle this morning. 
I toasted 300+ calories in just over 5 minutes!

We have belgian waffles every Sunday. We call them "Sunday Circles".  Alas, I wasn't watching the "done" light closely enough and this poor waffle got toasted and no one wanted it. I certainly didn't. If I'm going to indulge in 300+ calories, I want it to be perfect and yummy. I don't like waste ... but it's better to waste the waffle than eat something just to avoid waste. I'll just try to keep a better eye on my cooking!

Hope this edition of Sunday Fitness Funnies could make you smile today.
Go burn some calories the right way!


  1. I did that once to a Crock pot meal. Obviously it did not have enough liquid in it and it burned to the sides and blacked. Boo.

  2. The most profound line in your post. "If I'm going to eat 300 plus calories I want it to be yummy" As a food addict, I so many times find myself eating sub par food just because. I have to constantly remind myself that what my foodie self really wants is EXCELLENT food!


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