Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In and Review

Weigh in #16. A loss of .8 this week. I'll take it. It is my lowest "official" weigh-in, although it's up slightly from yesterday. My average was down too (154.8). It was enough to move my MFP ticker from 26 to 27 pounds lost. It's a new month ... I guess I need to (attempt anyway) take measurements too.
This past week did NOT start out good at all. Sat/Sun/Mon my calorie intake was so high. I stayed active but not enough to combat the calories. I was over (not just over goal, over my TDEE) those three days. And the scale showed it ... I was bumping back up into the "overweight" category. It was enough that I cracked down on my eating and upped my exercise. Tuesday, Wed and even Thursday (Halloween) I managed to stay under 2000 calories. My total deficit for the week still only added up to 1,440. My average intake was 2293, TDEE average 2871.

Yesterday ... for the first time, I had a little color on my Fitbit weight ticker. It's the only tile not in color on my dashboard, and I've been anxiously awaiting seeing something other than gray. Unfortunately THIS morning the couple ounces up edged me back off, but I'm determined to see the green overtake the gray on this graph. 

As it was Halloween ... here are a few photos from the day.

 Three different events. 
Church. School and "official" Trick or Treating.
A different costume each time.

The top picture shows my supplies for the Halloween Party for the 4th grader.
Bone Bender (Halloween Twister)
Monster Toss
Cup Crash
Pass the Pumpkin (ala Musical Chairs)
Make a Mummy (TP Wrap)
Memory and PicturEEka

Then it's the kids and their candy (the oldest two didn't trick or treat). I sent hubby out supervising. He doesn't have a pedometer. I remember last year I was surprised that we got almost two miles in walking around! Last night the kids came home moaning that their feet hurt. The other pictures are ... as dressed up as I got, and #4 with some witches brew (dry ice in fruit punch). We had that at the school party too and the kids were SO impressed. I do enjoy going in and helping out, but I don't know how the teachers do it everyday! Corralling and controlling  the kids is a huge, hard job!

Oh ... #5 got his cast off today (after school, before Trick or Treating). Everyone was all dressed up at the doctor's office and they got us in and out super fast. He still needs to be careful for the next several weeks, but everything looked good. 

Friday Fitness Linkups!

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  1. It was a rough week; you recovered nicely! Have a great weekend!


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