Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Monday ...

I usually love Mondays. I'm ready to return to the routine after the "wicked weekend" ... weekends are hard. This last one was no exception. It was good ... which means it was BAD (funny how that works). Much of that had to do with it being my birthday. We went out with my folks on Friday. Saturday we stopped for donuts after the basketball game, and then had pizza & root beer while we watched a funny show (live theater,  "The Hungry Games" a parody of "The Hunger Games").  On Sunday, hubby made his wonderful BBQ and I made a yummy pudding dessert I had been craving.

Three days of BIG calories in.  Three days of not as much exercise, so not many calories out.  I did get in a little cardio, but looking back on these past three days, 20-40 minutes only gives me a TDEE of just over 2000. If I want my 3000+ daily burn I really have to work for it. 

This morning didn't start out great. Stepping on the scale, I'm up FIVE pounds from the weigh-in Friday morning. Although I ate bad this weekend, I know I didn't eat an extra 17500 calories. I'm fairly confident that I can turn the weight around with a few good days and then get back to actually losing "new" weight. But I'm still dragging ... not sure if it's still the time change or what. I got some good sleep over the weekend and I hoped that would help. 

This morning, #1 son was up at 4:30 ... and that woke me as well. He has early morning seminary, and his scout group was on flag duty (putting up flags throughout the neighborhood for Veteran's Day). He had thrown his laundry in and I could hear it clunking in the drier (I'm a light sleeper). Now looking on the positive ... I have a teenage son who can and does get himself up and off every morning. He also does his own laundry. So I'm trying to focus on those positive points (and not the 4:30 wake up call).

#2 has basketball tryouts tonight, which has me a bit on edge as well. He's a freshman, going out for the high school team. I'm fairly certain due to both politics and the amount of talent that he won't make the high school team this year, which I'm actually fine with. I know he'll make the 9th grade team and it has a great coach, is closer to home and is a lot less expensive and time consuming. But still ... I'll be glad when this week of tryouts is over and we know for sure. Uncertainty always has me on edge.

We had some issues with #3 and a book he needed, we got off a little late after trying to do a quick digital download (unsuccessfully) #5 wasn't feeling well. There are loads of laundry to do. I'm behind on sports videos.  Just NOT a good morning.

But, it's Monday. Motivational Monday. Gotta kick myself into gear. The weekend is over and it's time to adjust for the slipups of the last three days and push forward again. I've done two 20minute sessions on the elliptical already, and I will get in three more. I've got weights on the schedule too, and hopefully some bike and/or treadmill time. I'm watching "After Earth" before returning it to Blockbuster (as they have announced their closing. We did still get DVDS from them) and I have "The Good Wife" and "Downton Abby" recorded and ready ... I want to watch them. It's good Monday motivation for me!

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  1. I personally force myself to track calories over the weekend so I know exactly what I am splurging on and how much I have to burn off.

    1. Yes, I did keep track of everything (although admittedly I'm not using a kitchen scale to get things exact ... but I am writing everything in my MFP journal). I didn't actually add up the excess of the three days over, but I know I do probably have an extra 1500 to burn off this week ...

  2. I don't think it's possible to eat that many calories on a weekend. I gain if I get too much sodium in my diet. It usually just takes a few days to get rid of it. Hopefully, it will all be gone in a few day.s

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! It's hard to not get discouraged with that big of a number bump on an indulgent weekend. Keep up the hard work.

    Good luck to your son on his basketball tryouts.

    1. Well down 3.1 from yesterday. When it jumps quick from a bad day (or three), it usually reverses quick with a good day. I think the up on the scale was a good motivator yesterday. And the kid made it past the first cuts anyway ... :)

  4. I love love love the picture of the car and the slip up!!! :-)

  5. Darn water weight trying to mess up our scales! Great job not losing motivation based on just a little scale distortion :)


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