Friday, November 8, 2013

Weigh-In #17

It's Friday, that means it is time for my "official" weigh-in.  Weight is down .7 and it is the lowest I've been in about four years (I had been lower back in 2009). MFP ticker at 27 pounds lost, like last week. I was happy that I never bounced back up over 155, back into the "overweight" category even once this week. My weekly average was also a  new low.

This past week was a bit off kilter, in addition to TOM ...

  • Sick Stuff:  I've been a little under the weather. Nothing major, just some sniffles and coughing that really didn't affect me during the day, but impacted my nights some. I wasn't feeling well on Saturday though, so that was a very slow/low day that dragged down my averages for the week. 
  • Time Tweaks: The "Fall Back" has felt hard this year ... I've been absolutely dragging by the end of day. Still adjusting to the switch.
  • Hubby Home: The hubs is changing jobs, and this past week he took off in-between. Just having him home throws the schedule off a little. He's usually "early to bed, early to rise" but not so much this week. We used this time to get the cars serviced, so that was some extra running around that isn't usually in my schedule. We managed to make it out on a breakfast date one morning too.
My numbers weren't quite where I wanted them to be. Average intake was 2200 ... I had a good "under 2000" streak  ( last Tues-Sun) but THIS week it just wasn't happening. There wasn't any family parties, dates or dinners to blame ... it was handfuls of peanut M&Ms and leftover Halloween candy that just added up.   Average TDEE was 2887 ... I like it to be over 3000. 

Total deficit for the week was 2629, so just shy of the 3500 goal. And the .7 was just shy of a one pound loss ... so the numbers DID seem to line up this week.

Tom has finished up, hopefully I can shake the sniffles and adjust to the time change. Hubby starts his new (actually, it's his OLD job, the one he had before this last one).  Fall basketball is winding down (Winter ball is right around the corner, but I may have a bit of a break for a week or two) ... No excuses this coming week! 

Flirting with 150 ... I really want to get there!

Time for Friday Link Ups

Michelle at Mind, Body and Goal


  1. Hi Jen, Great weight! I found watching my weight to be hardest when all 4 kids were younger and needing me for something. You keep yourself together in a great way, considering everything. :D

  2. The food is the hard part. I can exercise. But trying to cut back is so hard.

  3. You've got this. Use your minor slip-ups as motivation to do better the next week. Be so SO proud of your accomplishment though! You're doing great!

  4. Congrats on another week down! Life has little ups and downs, but you are chugging along just great! :)

  5. My hubby works from home two days a week and it messes up my daily routine. I find myself jokingly (?) telling him to go to the office. You did good for having an off week!

  6. You go, girl! Good for you. My goal weight is 150. I have 32 pounds to go! I'm pretty sure I will make it. :)


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