Saturday, November 23, 2013

Interesting Articles from Fitness Mag and More

I've been trying to get through my magazines ... should I read the oldest first, or stick with the most recent and work my way back? I just renewed my subscription to Self and Shape (they had run out) when the munchkin was selling subscriptions for school and I just got my first issues this week. I wonder if I will ever catch up!

I did get through several magazines these past weeks, nothing really had enough oomph for me to include it here in my Saturday Spotlight until I picked up the June2013 issue of Fitness. It had a few good articles.

  • Take the Crazy Out of Busy ... brings up the "not a priority" statement that was also featured in a couple blogs last week (You're Not a Priority Right Now) and the article did have some good tips to consider.
  • Can You Be Fat But Fit? ... you can't judge a person's fitness by looks alone. This was a good article. I know as I browse the blogs of several girls who might be heavier than I am, but are probably more fit! You can be "fat" skinny too!
  • Home, Slim Home: Simple tips and tweaks to help you burn a few more calories around the house. One was to keep the thermostat turned down a bit ... I've had my house at 68° and my boys think that is too cool. 

I didn't have a lot of other items from across the bloggosphere, but if you like posts like this, check out ...
If YOU have a post like this (spotlighting links or articles) feel free to link up! Share your reading recommendations! I'd love to check them out.


  1. Hi Jen! I'm commenting about the "Fat but Fit" article. Fitness and body weight are not the same things. I appear more "fit" right now because I lost some pounds by eating less. However, prior to losing those pounds, I did the same level of exercise at the gym, but it looked less impressive. Like slim v. heavier figure skaters, one just looks prettier regardless of the skill level. And I happen to have seen some very tough looking Helga's in my gym who lift less than half of what I lift!!! Most of the heavy weightlifters who are women in my gym are fairly pretty and don't look mean or tough. Fitness is often misjudged. :D

  2. Looking good, Jen! Have a happy Thanksgiving. :)


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