Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tipping the Scales

Scales need to be on a hard surface to register correctly, right? In our bathroom, we only have a tiny amount of tile, the rest is carpet. There is just a small section in the toilet closet. So, we need to store the scale upright, and move it down when it's time to weigh.  I do wish we had a bit more room so that I could leave the scale in a stationary position.

Anyone else have silly scale situations?

I mentioned on Monday that Hubs has begun his own weight loss journey (again).  He hadn't stepped on a scale in a while, and he hadn't ever stepped on THIS scale  ... I got it this past January. I had to laugh at his Facebook post:  "I decided to step on the scale this morning. It's a new-fangled digital device that went through about 20 seconds of "SENSING", whatever that is. At the conclusion of the sensing cycle it insensitively registered "ERR" and no weight reading. Perhaps a hint of some sort..."

The Fitbit Aria scale CAN be a bit temperamental. I know as I shift it from the upright to the down position, I can't step on right away. I need to give it a minute or two to calibrate or something.  Hubby has since had a readout as he weighed in. He doesn't have a Fitbit (yet), but I did set him up an account to track his weight wirelessly.  He hasn't weighed in a few days ... he says he's only going to weigh-in every week or so. 

I weigh in every day, with "official" weigh-ins on Friday. It's been a bit bumpy lately. The weight dropped this morning, if I can maintain, I'd be fine with this number for my Friday weigh-in. But ... tomorrow IS Thanksgiving. So we'll see. I don't really plan on overeating, but exercise will be impacted.  Linking up with Weigh In Wednesday  ...


  1. My Taylor bathroom scale is a bit temperamental, too. You can only step on it once. If you get on and off to many times it will add weight. Blah!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My only scale situation is the cats that like to play on the scales! I usually have to knock one of them off the scales (gently of course because they are my babies!) before I can weigh myself!


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