Sunday, August 25, 2013

100 Days ...

I started at My Fitness Pal in mid-May. Apparently, it was 100 days ago, as I got a notification on my newsfeed *Ü* I haven't missed a day logging my food, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I think I need to make logging a lifelong habit. I'm so glad that MFP at least makes logging easy.

So what have I learned in my last 100 days at MFP? I've learned I can eat a LOT. As I look at my slow but steady weight gain over the past few years, it does actually make sense. I calculated my average daily burn for the past year ... 2812 (from Fitbit). So was I eating MORE than that each day? I wasn't tracking, so who knows how much I was eating for sure... but I must have been. I think I fell into the trap of thinking "I'm so active and exercising enough, I can eat whatever I want ..."  

As soon as I started tracking, I realized just how quickly the calories add up... especially if they are empty ones. Unfortunately I do really like empty calories, they just taste SO good. Even now, when I AM tracking and am trying to control my eating, I still hit 2000+ so easily. 

I can see, from looking at other people's food diaries (I'm still private myself, but most of my MFP friends have theirs open) how much MORE you can eat when you eat clean, healthy foods. I am still working on improving my eating ... baby steps.

I've seen many impressive before/after photos. I wish I had taken more "before" shots, I don't/won't have many to compare as I reach my "after". I've learned it's important to take measurements ... I have taken some measurements, but not from the beginning of my journey. Other markers like blood pressure and cholesterol can be interesting indicators of change as well (I did get into the doctor not too long after starting MFP, so I will have something to compare to.)

You can see all the encouragement friends can provide. Do I really know any of my MFP "friends" in real life ... only a couple. When I joined MFP, I only had one or two Facebook friends that were on there. I was very proactive in sending friend requests. Back when I started Walker Tracker I was fairly active in the online community, but I had never jumped in on Fitbit or my other calorie counting website. Here, I've actually been pretty active, there are a lot of interesting threads and information. It was the community at MFP that inspired me to get a heart rate monitor and to try 30DS. There is a lot of not so great stuff there on the message boards too, but it's still worth checking out.

21 pounds down in the first 100 days ... what will the next 100 days bring?


  1. I love the notifications about how many days in a row I have logged into MFP! It's funny what I find motivating.

    I love empty calories too, and logging my food is helping me realize just how bad I eat on a typical day! Awareness is the first step to improvement.

    Congratulations on losing 21 pounds in 100 days!


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