Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30DayShred ... Did It!

I've never watched "The Biggest Loser" ... but I still knew who Jillian Michaels was. Although when I first saw the term 30DS on the fitness message boards, I was a little confused. (As a mom with young boys, 30DS is very similar to Nintendo's 3DS game system in name, but I was pretty sure people weren't talking about a video game!)  I was actually pretty comfortable with my exercise routine ... my elliptical, the stationary bike,  a little jogging here and there, with a weight workout a couple times a week. But then I got to thinking ... comfortable is probably NOT a good word to describe a great workout. It should push you. It should be a little UNcomfortable.

I'd seen so many rave reviews of 30DS, there was a group on MFP starting it up in just a few days, and it was inexpensive and available for instant download on Amazon ... so I figured I'd give it a try. 

Now the group I was participating in decided that instead of doing the 30 Day Shred in 30 days, the goal would be to do it for five days, then take the weekends off. This worked out well for me. It is nice to have a little flexibility, to be able to miss a workout during the week and have the weekend to make it up (and still stay on schedule). There are several cute calendars out there (our group was using THIS one). It was recommended to take pictures and measurements to compare the before/after results. 

This was where I came to shred ... J&G's Gym (my basement). You don't need a ton of room, which is good as I don't have that much open space here. But it was enough. I liked having the mat. I had three sizes of dumbbells (3, 5, and 8 pound) and my FAN ... believe me, I was SO glad I had that fan!

 Here's a quick "at a glance" summary of what you are in for (click on the picture to enlarge it) or just to keep as reference ... First, a small warm up.  Then three minutes of strength moves. Two minutes of cardio. One minute of abs. Repeat two more times then cool down. The first day on each level is always the hardest, as you get to know the moves. It does get easier as you master them and get a little conditioned. 

So ... MY results. Starting July 1, and finishing August 10. I took pictures before/after ... I'm not posting my pictures here, I'm a little too self-conscious of the shorts/sports bra look on me, and I really could not see enough of a difference to warrant showing them off. I lost 8.9 pounds (from 169.2 to 160.3). I lost an inch or two in my waist (I'm really not good at measuring, I move or breathe differently and it changes an inch right there), and an inch on my hips. I do feel like my arms are stronger and more toned (although I still can't do more then five "real" pushups ... working on that).   I did watch my calories and continued my elliptical workouts during this time, so I can't say 30DS worked wonders, but I would recommend it. It's a good, challenging program.

Generally I like to watch a tv series while I workout (see my What I'm Watching post HERE) ... It's a little more entertaining than watching Jillian or another trainer workout. But this was a good change. Pushing me to try moves I hadn't thought of on my own. My body recognized the change ... my heart rate monitor would bump up higher during these workouts than during my traditional cardio on the elliptical or bike.  I will continue to watch my shows while I workout on my machines, but I will also try to add in some cardio DVDs to challenge me and shake it up a bit. I plan on going back to my weight workouts.  Maybe I'll try something like this again in a couple of months.

I'm not exactly "shredded" ... I still have a way to go. 
But I'm happy to say I started and I FINISHED this program. 
I'm now part of the 30DS


I finished 30DS a few days ago (Saturday was my last day) but I figured I'd post it today, as part of  Workout Wednesday


  1. I'm impressed, Jen! I think that would be too hard for me.

  2. Wow. A 9 pound loss in a month! Amazing!

    1. It was a little over a month (didn't actually get it done in 30 days with taking the weekends off). *Ü*

  3. Great job with the 30DS I had started it and was doing good. FElt great...but with running and biking,walking with a friend and my multiple zumba classes each week it was too much, I had to make some choices, because my body couldn't continue at the pace.

  4. Hi Jen! I'm impressed with all of it--workouts and weight loss. Great going!!!!! :D


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