Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #5

As I'm going to be weighing-in weekly, I decided keep track there in the title of the post ... this isn't really my 5th weekly weigh-in since I started losing, but it is my fifth official post. My first "weekly weigh-in" post was 15 Pounds, mid-July, about two months after I started MFP. Since then I've posted here each Friday morning and I plan to continue. 

 I was SOOOOOOO hoping for a 1 pound loss this week, because that would move me into the 150s... even if it was just 159.9.  But alas ... not quite. Oh well, it did go down (only .8 but that is down). After my THREE pound loss last week, I guess should just be happy that THAT was not an incorrect reading, that I've stayed there and not had any real increases. I was a bit worried. While a new low is great to see, unless it sticks around I can never quite believe in it.

My MFP ticker is showing 20 pounds. It was 19 last Friday, and dropped to twenty on Sunday. Those little ups Wednesday/yesterday moved it back to 19, so I'm glad to see this again. (My Aria scale syncs wirelessly to my Fitbit account as soon as I step off the scale. My Fitbit account syncs with MFP, so ALL my weight fluctuations are obvious as my ticker and this number is changing day to day.)

This was a NO EXCUSES week. If you look in my Day to Day postings, from August 10-August 15 ... you'll see every single day was a "good" day (which means I hit all my fitness goals and had a nice calorie deficit).  I'll post a little bit more about this unique week on Sunday *Ü*

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  1. That's great! I am guilty of weighing in every other day LOL I just can't wait a whole week to find out! Congrats!


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