Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why You Won't See the "Scale Shot" For My Weigh-ins

If you've been following my blog at all, you know MY traditional weigh-in day is Friday. I'm SO much better with the eating/exercise Mon-Thurs during the established routine. The weekends are tough, so I weigh-in Friday morning BEFORE the craziness kicks in. But, I do like to participate in the Wednesday Weigh-In Link In. 

Another thing you might have noticed if you've seen any previous weigh-in posts from me, as that I usually just show my numbers (from the Fitbit site), not the traditional scale shot. I did go ahead with the traditional scale shot for today, and will explain why this is not something you will see from me.

First and foremost ... I tend to weigh-in in my birthday suit. Can't have any extra ounces from clothing cluttering up the reading, right?  Well, my fancy-smancy Aria scale is shiney and ... reflective. Not that it's easy to really see what it is reflecting, but still, I will err on the side of caution and NOT post pictures.

Also ... as you can see in the picture above, instead of a number, the scale is telling me "off" ... really "step off" but only one word can scroll through at a time. My Aria doesn't give me my weight until I have stepped off the scale.  I have to admit, when I see the scale telling me to "step off" I can't help but recall a certain Seinfeld episode (you can see a clip here, you only have to watch the first 25 seconds to get the "step off" reference).  

But Anyway
that is why ... you see THIS (below) from me ...

I'll post again on Friday ... I'm up a teeny tiny bit from last Friday's weigh-in, although I did drop below it once since then (ok, only by 0.1 ounce, but that actually changed it from 159 to 158 to that's actually HUGE).  Ironically, that low WAS on Monday morning, after the weekend! Go figure. I have actually been being much better over the weekends since I've been tracking calories. 

Another interesting thing about my weigh-in history is it also includes the time the reading was taken.  School has started ... that means I have to get UP earlier. last Thursday was a 1/2 day for the 7th grader (only the "sevies" so they could get used to rotating through classes before the crowds) ... then Monday was the start for everyone. No more sleeping in (and 7:00 or 8:00 weigh-ins).  Body fat is slowing going down too, although I'm not sure how accurate the Aria is on that. 

... so much for my Scale Stories for today ... 
Check out the Weigh-In Wednesday Link Up for more scale stories and share your own!
Do YOU weigh in in the buff?

I'm off to elliptical ...


  1. Elliptical is in my future today, too girl! GET IT!

  2. Awesome job! Headed in the right direction!

  3. I totally weigh in with the birthday suit. My bra added .4lbs!!! Sheesh!!!

  4. I weigh in right before I get in the shower - we do not need any added weight. I had an awful August too! September will be our month!


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