Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #4

Woot! That's THREE pounds down from last week. 1.6 down from yesterday, which was actually a new low as well. I'd had a little up a couple days ago and wasn't sure if I was even going to get my 1 pound loss this week. But I did *Ü* yea! It's TOM right now too. I haven't been able to determine exactly how that affects me, I have started tracking it right next to my weight in my excel graph so I can watch for trends.

I had been a little worried about this week ... wondering if TOM and some stress would add up to some emotional eating. I did ok, better than I thought I would. I had my "injury" on Tuesday (shoulder tweak), in which I was extremely lucky again that it wasn't anything lasting.  This next week will be an interesting one~ it could go either way. It has the possibility of being a great week for exercise and eating (absolutely NO excuses) ... but I'll also be in a situation I've never been in before, so who knows.

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