Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #6

Down 1.1 pounds this week. I'll take it. It also dropped me into the 150s. Ok, the very tippy top of the 150s, but there is something about seeing a change in the middle digit, right?  I actually first saw the 5 appear several days ago (on Saturday, the day after my last weigh in) but it didn't stick around, just made that peek-a-boo appearance. I was happy to see it again yesterday and today and hope I don't see the 160s again!

Just glancing at my last year ... 
I love that you can SEE exactly where I joined MFP
Mid-May, when that downward trend began.
Before that, I was on a slow uphill climb.

School starts on Monday. That's going to shift the schedules. A return to routine. I do like routine, although I don't necessarily like getting up early. Carpools and homework help take up some time too, and #4's anxiety issues are kicking in, so I think I may be spending some time at the school too ... 

Birthday week coming up ... ummmm (yummm) cake. Not my birthday, but THREE of the boys, plus some extended family as well. I know I'm going to want to indulge, and I probably will. Will my middle 5 (on the scale) survive? 

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  1. Wow, you lost a lot of weight from May to now. Great for you! You're really on fire! :D


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