Sunday, August 4, 2013

Annual Checkup

I'm pretty healthy, and SO grateful for that. I don't ever take it for granted. I did go into the doctor for my annual physical and got a clean bill of health. I'll admit ... I'm not that great at keeping track of things myself. When I'm given my blood pressure numbers, I have to wait for them to say "that's good" because I'm not really up on the standard. Cholesterol was fine. He checked a few other things, all which seems to be normal. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism many years ago and have been on medication every since. Unlike some others who really have hardships with thyroid issues, I've really never seemed to have it impact me much.  Checked those levels and got a new prescription (same dosage, just to get me through the year ... they only prescribe one year to FORCE you back to the doctor's office I think.) I'm also to take some iron as I struggled with anemia in the recent past.  Got a gynecological exam and an appointment at the women's center for a mammogram. Right as I was awaiting my appointment I came across this funny post on the MFP blogs (here) ... it made me laugh. Got my reports back that everything looked normal, so that is good. 

So another year down ... It was nice to be able to answer honestly about exercise when the Dr. asked ... I can definitely improve on diet, and hope to be in the "normal" weight range when I come again next year.

Are you up to date with your exams?  Here's a quick check list for you.
10 Health Screenings All Women Should Have.

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