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April 2014 Daily Doings

After the month ends, I go into my Day to Day Doings page, where I write down my daily numbers and a short journal entry. I take all the entries from the month, place them in chronological order and then file them as a blog post. Sometimes I'm not uber prompt at getting this done ... but I'll backdate this to May1 *Ü*  Here's a look back at April!
  • 0401 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 150.7. Fitbit Steps 26202. Total Burn 3034. Calories in 1900. Calories out 1340. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 50minZumba, 30minBike. Very small Zumba showing today ... I hope people continue to come so they don't cancel it! Air duct cleaning guys were at the house after, then I had volunteering at the school and a stop at the store. Picked up middle school after the elementary, as #2 needed to stay after to make up a school assignment he missed Friday. Some thunder and hail in the afternoon. Hubby had a derby, took #1 to help. #2 had a dinner with his basketball coach to discuss future options. 
  • 0402 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 150.5. Fitbit Steps 27901. Total Burn 3225. Calories in 1400. Calories out 1532. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12min/1mile Treadmill, 40minWeights. I must have missed the memo for Zumba today, it seemed to be dress-up day! Bright colors, headbands, leg warmers, even a couple of tutus! It actually did add energy though. There were a couple people grabbing some video, not sure what for. I hope I am not in any of the video! Got in cardio, should have done a weights DVD. I have one requested from the library, but it wasn't in yet. I should have checked out something on YouTube or stuck in Jillian's NMTZ, but I just did my weight workout, but just 40 minutes. #3 had basketball practice tonight, I miss the Monday ones at the gym when I could get some jogging in. I dropped him off, drove home and did 20minutes on the elliptical and went back to pick him up. 
  • 0403 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 149.0. Fitbit Steps 27028. Total Burn 3047. Calories in 2200. Calories out 1362. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/8.1miles Bike, 24mine/2miles Treadmill. My low calorie day did help yesterday .. but I was hungrier today I guess. Today was a bit off. Hubby had some guys coming to clean out the air ducts. I'm always uber uncomfortable with people in my house. I just can't keep to my routine. I still went to Zumba, then stopped at a store after, just to kill some time before heading home. After they finished up, I did get some workouts in. Hubby had a derby in the evening and #2 went to help (well, he needs the money). 
  •  0404 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 150.5. Fitbit Steps 26202. Total Burn 3034. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1350. Exercise: 100minElliptical. 30minBike, 30min/2miles Treadmill, 10minHula. I usually don't get "good" days on Friday. It actually should have been a weights day, but I was still feeling just a tad sore from Wednesday's workout, and I was having trouble finding a solid hour to fit it in today. So I just did cardio. The day after Thursday night programming, I have "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal" to watch, and that motivated me. I'm also enjoying my book. I'd probably get in two bike sessions if I could find the time. Hubs and the boys did a little prep and packing, they are leaving tomorrow for New York City.
  • 0405 (Saturday) Ok Day. Weight 150.0. Fitbit Steps 16446. Total Burn 2500. Calories in 2400. Calories out 810. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minWeights. I forgot to turn my alarm off ... it went off at 6:00. Not that I got up, but I didn't really "sleep" in. Hubby and the boys did their final packing and left for their New York trip. No games today (#3's basketball skips almost an entire month!) so it was pretty low key. Did get in my weights I didn't do yesterday. 
  • 0406 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 150.5. Fitbit Steps 18169. Total Burn 2563. Calories in 2400. Calories in 2700. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 30minBike. Didn't sleep well last night. I generally do fine when hubby is gone, I don't think it was that. But then awakened early as I forgot to adjust the alarm AGAIN! Grrrrr! I don't want to wake up at 6:00 on the weekends! Again, I didn't get up immediately, but I was up earlier than my usual Sunday sleep-in. It was General Conference today, so no church meetings.  Still made Sunday Circles in the morning, even though we were missing half the family. We still ate all the bacon! Very quiet day at home.We had been invited out to my BILs, but what can I say, I'm a homebody. Got in some exercise but not as much as I could have/should have on a church day off. I made some homemade ice cream for the kids (I'd bought some chocolate milk that wasn't TruMoo, and the boys won't drink it. Picky kids! I used it for the ice cream, like a Wendy's frosty). Oh dear ... forgot to log that (logging now). I really need to log foods BEFORE I eat them. I mean well, I want to be honest, but it is so easy to forget! The boys checked in quite a bit (texts, pictures, Facebook updates). They were busy! My SIL sent me a copy of her Fitbit log for the day. 20K, they walked a lot and beat me! I wondered how the boys compared ... but both boys forgot to wear their Fitbits! In fact #1 can't find his and thinks he may have lost it at airport security!
  • 0407 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 152.8. Fitbit Steps 24635. Total Burn 3114. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1413. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 12min/1mileTreadmill, 60minWeights, 60min/16.4miles Bike. Weight up a little from the weekend. Not surprising, but it wasn't nearly as bad a weekend as last weekend ... yet still about the same for the weight bump. I was able to get in cardio and weights. Without #1 around, we skipped "PapaMurphyMonday" ... I don't think the little boys even realized or missed it. Got in a 2nd bike session ... there is a little extra time/flexibility with the hubs gone. I'm liking my book too, that provided some motivation as well. The little boys (and the bigger boys in NYC) watched the college basketball finals. 
  •  0408 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 150.4. Fitbit Steps 25839. Total Burn 3062. Calories in 2500. Calories out 1370. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/8.1miles Bike. Our usual instructor for Tuesday Zumba had surgery on Friday, but she had arranged for a substitute teacher to come. It was a good class, although I missed the familiarity of the routines I know. One song was one our instructor did, but this was completely different choreography. You could tell that threw all of us! I skipped volunteering at the school. The teacher hasn't seemed to need me the last couple weeks. The sun was out and shining and calling to me ... I sat outside, reading, letting my legs get some color. It was the end of season basketball award banquet for #2 ... but is in NYC. I of course was still invited, and even told to bring #3 and accept the awards for #2, but it was rather far, out of my driving comfort zone. Out of my social comfort zone, even though I'm friendly with all the other parents and boys. Simpler to just stay home. 
  • 0409 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 150.4. Fitbit Steps 27407. Total Burn 3103. Calories in 2500. Calories out 1411. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30min/8.0miles Bike, 20minDVD (BalletBeautiful/AmazonPrime). As I was on the elliptical in the morning, the munchkin came down and said he wasn't feeling well. I really didn't want to miss Zumba! No temp ... and the last few times I've let him stay home, he really hasn't been sick. Miraculous recovery right about the time school lets out. So I told him I wanted him to be tough, and try. I really hoped I wouldn't get a call from the school ... I didn't, he was fine. And I got in my Zumba. It was a good class today too. The guys in NYC went to Les Mis today ... #2 fell asleep during it. Shaking head! Weights day ... didn't really feel like it. Still haven't made it by the library to grab the DVD I have on hold, so I streamed one from Amazon Prime. A ballet one ... just doing those simple swan arms did have my shoulders burning! Had the basketball awards banquet for #3 tonight. Two hours long .... just sitting ...  
  • 0410 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 150.7 Fitbit Steps 26088. Total Burn 3032. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1339.  Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike, 12min/1mileTreadmill, 10minWiiFit. At Zumba today, I wasn't feeling that great. I had taken a pill, hadn't eaten anything ... but that's pretty par for the course for me. I was lightheaded, but I made it through. Did distract from the enjoyment of the class. After, I hit Kmart. Their ShopYourWayRewards program added a "fit" element which was been awarding me enough points to make a trip in worthwhile. Picked up some stuff for Easter ... grabbed the "Frozen" DVD. #2 has requested we get it. $15 in "points" off my purchase. Spent a little time in the sun again today. Love this nice weather! 
  • 0411 (Friday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 149.8. Fitbit Steps 23861. Total Burn 2893. Calories in 2200. Calories out 1204. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30minBike. I didn't get weights in today. Part of the problem perhaps, was that I couldn't get my Grey's Anatomy or Scandal to record until very late. Having those shows on hand might have motivated me (I do generally have a show going while I do my weight workout). I did sleep in a bit today. Middle school late start, so that gives me an extra hour in the morning. After dropping off kids, I had to stop at the high school to get #2 signed up for Spring basketball. Then I stopped at the library (finally picked up that weight DVD I had on hold) and the grocery store. Early out at the elementary. I didn't sneak out for any reading in the sun today, but did put on a tank and shorty shorts and mowed the front lawn and did some weeding.  In the evening, I took the three boys over to a friend's house and had her show me how to cut their hair. It's just something I need to know and I can't believe I've waited this long with five boys! Hubby actually buzzed them for the first many years, until they got a little picky. Then we've been going to their aunt (who does hair) or a salon, but it's such a pain! Now I'm actually a bit excited for it to grow again, so I can try it. If I goof ... I'll just buzz them. It grows back quick!  
  • 0412 (Saturday)  Ok Day. Weight 151.1. Fitbit Steps 18286. Total Burn 2661. Calories in 2300. Calories out 965. Exercise: 80minElliptical. No sports on the docket today. Soccer will soon be starting for the youngest, and more basketball in the near future ... but not today. Got in some sessions on the elliptical, watched my Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. I usually watch them on Friday, but I was having trouble getting them to record. Cleaned up the house ... I sometimes let things go a bit when hubby isn't around but wanted it nice for their return. Went to the store to restock on 2% milk and other groceries. As hubs and the big boys had their week out on the city, I told the little ones we could go out to lunch at Red Robin. We met my folks there. My boys are always done pretty quick and anxious to move on while my mom still wants to chat. The guys pulled in right around midnight. Good to have them home. 
  • 0413 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 151.9. Fitbit Steps 9401. Total Burn 2138. Calories in 2700. Calories out 437. Exercise: 40minElliptical. Practically a rest day! Sunday circles for breakfast, tacos for dinner. Homemade oreos for dessert. Got in a little nap, still had to hit church for  a bit. 
  • 0414 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.1. Fitbit Steps 24829. Total Burn 3035. Calories in 2500. Calories out 1327. Exercise: 90minElliptical, 18min/1.5milesTreadmill, 60minWeights, 30minBike, 10minHula. Hubby was actually up and off early. Back to work. Back to school for the boys, hope it's not too hard to catch up. I had found a Monday Zumba class advertised on the Zumba site, so I went to check it out ... it wasn't there. I sent out some emails, and it seems like a majority of the class information there is outdated. Not very helpful after all. Ohwell, I'm actually good with my Zumba Tues/Wed/Thurs ... I don't want to burn out on it. #4 ended up staying home sick, although he didn't seem bad to me. I still got in my workouts, just checking in on him every little bit. Another benefit of a home gym! I really planned on keeping calories low today. I did good for the first half of the day. Then #2 wanted mac&cheese, and I was hungry and it looked good. #1 brought home the usual Papa Murphy Pizza (Murphy Monday at our house) and I had a bit of the chicken garlic pizza (sans toppings). I baked some brownies but did NOT eat any. Still calories were high. The middle school boys had stayed after school for a basketball clinic, then #2 had open gym in the evening. I was going to skip it, but his coach thought it was important he attend to get exposure to the high school coaches. So ... it is from 9:00-10:00 Mon/Tues/Thurs for several weeks here. That is often past my bedtime! I was feeling really off as the evening came on. I've had a bit of a toothache, which has me grinding my teeth, which then gave me a killer headache. I drove #2 to the high school, and he was able to get a ride home. I always feel guilty putting someone out of their way, but I was willing to take them up on it last night. 
  • 0415 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 153.5. Fitbit Steps 31637. Total Burn 3410. Calories in 1900. Calories out 1700. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 20minZumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill, 30minBike. #4 seemed fine, so he went to school. I was just about to walk out the door for Zumba when the school called and said he had thrown up. So, off to the school. I brought him home and got him settled. I don't think it's a stomach flu, I think he overexerted in the morning, playing basketball. That caused coughing, which triggered his gag reflex. #3 had this problem (for months!) a few years ago. Once he was settled and really not feeling sick, I asked if he minded if I went to the church for Zumba. He was fine with that, so I got the last 20minutes in. I hit the treadmill later in the day to get my solid hour in. One mile jog followed by intervals and incline. After school, it was open registration at the high school for #2. He had everything planned out. He was actually at a friend's house, but had me on the phone, me at our computer to enter the class choices as soon as it opened at 4:00. It was a harrowing five minutes! But we got him in every class he wanted. Had scout pack meeting in the evening for #4 and #5. Hubby and #1 did a derby.   
  • 0416 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 151.3. Fitbit Steps 28387. Total Burn 3229. Calories in 2800. Calories out 1530. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12min/1mileTreadmill, 30minDVD, 30minBike. I'd been thinking I'd have to miss Zumba today, as #5 was performing in an assembly at school at 9:30. Then he told me there was another performance at 1:00, and I could attend it instead. This was much better for me (as I had to be at the school at 1:40 for early out pickup anyway). So I went to Zumba. Actually, after dropping the kidlets off at school, I did a quick run to Sam's Club. They always offer some edible inducements there during the early hours, usually just coffee/juice and some fruit. Today ... they had muffins. Those muffins looked really good. I had me one of those muffins. Then Zumba. A good day, over 400 burn according to both devices. I did a weight workout DVD I'd picked up from the library and got in my other exercise (bike, mile jog).  #3 had been scheduled to have basketball practice, but when we went, the school was locked up and empty. It would be nice if they let us know this before we made the trip in! 
  • 0417 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 151.1. Fitbit Steps 22333. Total Burn 2813.  Calories in 2300. Calories out 1117. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12min/1mileTreadmill. The kids were out of school so ... sleep in and slow start. I was a little late to Zumba. I need to do better at getting there on time. After, I stopped at Kmart (using my my rewards earned on FitStudio) and Big5, and Maceys for a few groceries. It was a pretty chaotic day at home with the kids ... several friends over, airsoft war in the backyard, water wars in the front. I pulled up the plastic eggs and had the kids start getting them filled for the family part on Saturday. I made nests, and made Chicken Pillows for dinner. Got in some exercise, but didn't get to the bike. I really missed getting my reading in. I'd bought a cap at the store earlier and worn it ... I've never really worn a cap before, and EVERYONE commented on it like "why are YOU wearing a hat?" 
  • 0418 (Friday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 150.5. Fitbit Steps 25699. Total Burn 2932. Calories in 2900. Calories out 1239. Exercise: 70minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike. Slept in a bit again, but with the kids out of school I could hit Friday Zumba (the middle school starts late and the 9:30 carpool is right in the middle of Zumba). So I went and it was really good. Got a bigger burn than the other days (414 per HRM, 420 per Fitbit ... so close! 7000 steps). Afterward, I stopped at a couple of stores for some last minute Easter prep. Got in elliptical and bike, should have done weights but alas ... didn't get around to that. Food was quite high today, barely maintenance even with my exercise calories.   
  • 0419 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 149.8. Fitbit Steps 12971. Total Burn 2466. Calories in 2000. Calories out 777. Exercise: 40minElliptical. OK Day. Weight 149.8. Fitbit Steps 12971, Total Burn 2466, Calories in 2000. Calories out 777. Exercise: 40minElliptical. Only got 40min in today ... had to finish up Scandal. Hit Sam'sClub and saw all the cars at the soccer park. Our soccer starts next week, and I was glad we didn't have it on the schedule today. Bad news on #1's truck, it didn't pass emissions inspection and I'm not sure what we're going to do. The repair shop said something about an "engine rebuild" and that doesn't sound good! It's got me stressed out. I made rice krispie treats and a lemon jello cake to take to the party. The kids had been big helpers in getting all the eggs filled. We spent a few hours at my folks, eating, visiting, having the egg hunt. We broke out the jump rope and all five of my boys are quite good! My little niece thought it was quite fun. At home, waiting for the kidlets to go to sleep so we could lay out the Easter goodies ... the house moved! It was just a moment, but enough that a dish fell out of one of the low kitchen cupboards. It was an earthquake! The big boys had felt it, but the two little ones had been busy playing and didn't notice (perhaps a good thing, as #4 has extreme anxiety). We did get the stuff set out and headed to bed.
  • 0420 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 152.8. Fitbit Steps 4996. Total Burn 1921. Calories in 3200. Calories out 215. No Exercise. I figured I hadn't taken a complete rest day (no workouts) in a WHILE ... so I planned on no exercise today. I didn't even put on my Omron, but still wore my Fitbit. I switched cases with #2 as his little tip fell off, leaving a little metal nub exposed, and it's scratched him or others a few times. I shouldn't have as much of an issue. The kids seemed happy with their Easter baskets. We had our usual Sunday Circle breakfast and went to church. We then went over to my BILs house. I had made brownies and another lemon jello cake. Hubby made mashed taters. BIL smoked chicken and brisket. We had a hunt, a pinata, and the jump rope was a huge hit again!  
  • 0421 (Monday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 154.9. Fitbit Steps 21272. Total Burn 2827. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1100. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 30minBike. Last day of Spring Break, hopefully I can get back on schedule tomorrow. I did get in elliptical and bike, but should have done weights. I had to run Mr. Social (#2) to a friend's house, and then did some shopping, as I had ShopYourWay rewards points expiring. Kmart had some Easter candy on clearance ... I bought some. Hangs head.  Due to construction, the Papa Murphy's was closed when #1 son went to pick up our usual Monday pizza, so I made spaghetti for dinner instead.  
  • 0422 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 154.3. Fitbit Steps 30075. Total Burn 3343. Calories in 2200. Calories out 1362. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12minTreadmill, 50minWeights, 30minBike. Back to the routine. Got the kidlets off to school, then went to Zumba. Our regular instructor was back, although she says she's not quite "back" (tired easily). I then went to the school for my volunteer shift. Hanging up pictures/artwork in the hallway for an upcoming "Night at the Museum" activity. Home again for more elliptical, a jog and weights. The boys had basketball practice after school, so I didn't pick them up until later, #2 actually didn't come home but then went over to the high school for more basketball (he got a ride home at10:00 that night)Hubby and #1 went to a derby, and I took #3 to a basketball game. It was pretty close the entire game, but our team got the win. My boy is a 7th grader, all the others are 8th, but I think he held his own. Late night though, these 9:00 games across town do that! Yucky weather day, lots of wind and rain.  
  • 0423 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 152.2. Fitbit Steps 30039. Total Burn 3194. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1490. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike, 24min/2mile Jog. Dropped the boys at school and did a quick stop at Sam'sClub. Love the "early hours". Then off to Zumba ... I missed the memo again, it was luau day! Very colorful with flowers, leis and grass skirts. More Polynesian type dances too, which I'm even worse at than Latino ones, but it is a pleasure to watch those who can do it it! Got in more cardio at home, elliptical, bike and actually doubled my time on the treadmill. I'd finally spent some time redoing my playlist. Hubby and #1 had a derby in the evening. #2 had a game, but it was in Davis county, I don't dare drive there and I needed to get #3 to/from practice anyway. I was sad to miss seeing #2 in action, there will be more games, but I'll miss his double header on Saturday too (again, in Davis County and at the same time as #3's double header anyway). I did ok on food today, but then the boys brought home a yummy cookie from the derby ... and I ate it. #2 wasn't home until late (almost 11:00). Seems like all the practices and games start at 9:00 lately, and when they are far away, it makes it even later getting home!  
  • 0424 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 152.2. Fitbit Steps 27924.  Total Burn 3238. Calories in 2500Calories out 1535. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike, 12min/1mileTreadmill, 30minWeights. I've been making more of an effort to get to Zumba on time this week. Not that I need the warm up (as I've already jumped on the elliptical first thing every morning) but I do like to get in the solid hour. It was a good class today. Stopped at Kmart after to spend my FitStudio credit. They still had some Easter candy left on clearance. Got in additional workouts at home. Did 30 minutes of weights, just my stuff. I probably should have done the DVD before it's due back at the library. Hubby and #3 had a derby (lego one this time). #2 never came home from school (he's Mr. Social) and just went to friend's houses and the high school for basketball (he had clinic in the evening from 9:00-10:00). Should have taken #5 to soccer practice, we signed up with with cousin, so it isn't that close. I just didn't know if I wanted to drive 15 minutes then hang for 45 then back, and the kidlets had an activity over at the school ... which we actually didn't end up going to either. Homebodies!  
  • 0425 (Friday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 152.4. Fitbit Steps 24066. Total Burn 2814. Calories in 1650. Calories out 1110. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 40min/3.25milesTreadmill, 30minBike. Slept in a little. Late start at the middle school. Early out at the elementary. Not a super productive morning, spent too much time on the blog. Did get in some elliptical, caught up on last night's Grey's Anatomy. Updated playlists on Itunes and decided to jog a 5k on the treadmill. Never done it before, but was certain I could and I did.  Got in some bike/reading a bit later too. #3 had a 9:00 game. We got their early and the game before was running over. I walked the halls for a while and got some additional steps in. Our boys were on FIRE ... raining three pointers like I've never seen. Stopped and grabbed #2 (Mr.Social) on the way home ... he had again just hung out with friends all day. They must not have played any basketball though, he didn't have very many steps on his Fitbit.  
  • 0426 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 150.8. Fitbit Steps 20714. Total Burn 2618. Calories in 2000. Calories out 923. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 60minWalking. I actually did quite well on my eating yesterday, kept calories low. It seemed apparent this morning, laying in bed my stomach was rumbling quite loudly! Enough that hubby just looked over and laughed and asked "WHAT is going on over there?" I did give it a little breakfast and got an elliptical session in. #2 was off for his basketball games, hubby took #5 to soccer (cold and rainy, brrrrrr) and I took #3 to his game. He actually had two different games scheduled at 12:00, so we close the closer one. He did well, but got a warning after questioning a call which ended up with him in tears. We're doing better at controlling the emotions, but it's still a challenge. He had another game at 3:00, at the court with the track above. I walked during the game on got in three miles or so. Some emotion there too, but not from my kid. From one of the other players, our coach (got a technical) and a parent (who got ejected, rightfully so). Even the big boys need to work on controlling their emotions! It IS TOM time, and I'm not sure if it was that or what, but I was completely drained by end of day. And by end of day I mean 8:30 ... I seriously just went to bed at that time. 
  • 0427 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 152.1. Fitbit Steps 2471. Total burn 1801. Calories in 2400. Calories out 99. Rest Day/No Exercise. Had a headache last night, but didn't even feel up to getting up to take anything for it. Still hanging on in the morning. We weren't going to our usual meeting, but to my brother's ward, as his step-daughter was speaking before leaving on an LDS mission. It threw the morning off a bit, as we had to leave earlier than we usually do. I made pancakes instead of the usual Sunday Circles. We missed the padded seats at the church by one row, and my backside was feeling it. I guess I don't have as much natural padding there as I used to. We went to the house after, there was pulled pork sandwiches and treats, but I didn't have any. Still had my headache and I was freezing. The church had been cold and the house was too. Back at home hubby made his mashed taters and steak, and marinated chicken. Yummy dinner!   
  • 0428 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.9. Fitbit Steps 23097. Total burn 2857. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1145. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 12min/1mile Treadmill, 60minWeights, 30minBike. Back to the routine, usually I'm totally rip-roaring ready to go on Mondays, but I was so sluggish today. I even had to lay down for just a bit. Did manage to get everything in. The middle boys had basketball after school and then again in the evening. We tried to go in and get their suits fitted for alterations but it was to busy, so that is still on the to do list.  
  • 0429 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 152.6. Fitbit Steps 29330. Total Burn 3165. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1460. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12min/1mileTreadmill, 30minBike. Got the kids off to school and went to Zumba. There were only four people there when we started but then more people came (one is  a family, a mom and her three daughters/DIL, so whether they are there or not really impacts the size of the group). I went ahead a lead one of the numbers (a nice easy repetitive one that does get the heart rate up but that we hadn't done in a while).  Got other exercise in during the day as well as some cleaning and laundry. Double checked the finances, but pretty much had paid the bills over the weekend. Had another "hit with the sleepies" and did a quick lay down. Had regular carpools for school. Hubby and #1 went to a derby and I took #3 to a basketball game (they got creamed). Late pickup of #2 from open gym.  
  • 0430 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 152.0. Fitbit Steps 27799. Total Burn 3194. Calories in 2500. Calories out 1492. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 15min/1.25miles, 30minDVD, &LawnMow. Dropped the kids off at school then ran to Sam's Club for some groceries. Home to put them away quickly then off to Zumba. Stopped at Reams on the way home as they had roast on sale. Came home and stuck one in the crock pot for dinner. Got in some exercise, and then spent some time in the yard clearing out the flower beds and mowing the lawn. The boys had Court of Honor in the evening, and #3 had basketball practice. Not a great eating day ... I was ravenous and just kept sticking my hand in the leftover Easter candy. 
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  1. That is a great idea to keep a journal! I love the fitbit, but I will say your results are far more impressive than mine have ever been:) I only once made it over 20,000 steps in a day. But hopefully in the coming weeks I can change that and go for higher numbers like your into!


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