Thursday, May 15, 2014

Basketball Butt

 Sometimes I get a bit bored waiting for the game to start ...
Thus basketball mom selfies :)

The past several months, I've spent many hours in the car running boys to practices and games. There has been quite a bit of time sitting on the bleachers watching the boys play basketball. Although I do often try to get some walking in, or stand during games ... it's easy to get "basketball butt" from so much sitting! Spring season is finally finishing up, and while there will be some camps, I don't think we have any basketball games in the coming summer months. I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad ... just Thinking Out Loud about basketball and my boys this Thursday.

Last Saturday I watched (and captured video highlights) of three basketball games. Then there was a game on Monday, on Tuesday and the championships yesterday (for my #2, the 15-year old). They came in 2nd, as they did in their last three tournaments.  So close! He has his last "open gym" tonight, and #3 (the 13-year old) had his final practice last night, and has his final game on Saturday.

I'm a pretty laid back basketball mom. Even though I've watched more games than I can count, I don't consider myself much of a judge when it comes to the refs calls. I'm pretty quiet ... no so for so many of the parents. There have been some frustrating and disappointing shows of unsportsmanlike behavior ... much more on the parts of parents than from the boys!  My #3 does struggle with it a bit, and I've told him THAT is more important to me than basketball skills.  So many times, a negative moment during or after the game can just spoil the whole thing.  It makes me sad. But for the most part, I do love watching the boys play!

Here's one of the highlight videos I made ...
My #2 IS #2 (that's helpful, right?)

#2 wears a Fitbit ... I like to track how much activity he gets from his practices and games. I can still usually beat him in steps, but if this summer is anything like the last, I know there are days he'll give me a run for my money. I love having active kids! I'd love to strap a Fitbit on each one, and see what kind of numbers they get. 

With actual games behind me ... I need to catch up on my Basketball Blog and finish up some of the videos from this last season!  Ah ... basketball. The NBA is finishing up their season too. Basketball is a huge part of our family.  Does basketball play a role in YOUR everyday?  And per the selfies at the start of the post ... you know that is actually an NSV! In the past, I NEVER would have stopped and snapped a picture of myself!

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  1. I love it! It is hard to keep quiet at games!!! One of my sons plays, I usually just stay quiet and my husband does the yelling. Haha. Your basketball selfies are gorgeous :)


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