Thursday, May 22, 2014

Church ... and Zumba

I've been spending more time at church lately ... well, in church BUILDINGS at least. Here in Utah, the LDS (Latter-Day-Saint) religion is very prevalent, and there are so many church buildings all over the place. They are really nice buildings, and they often have a nice gym and sound system (some nicer than others). It's great that the church is allowing the buildings to be used  for things other than direct church activities.  Things like Zumba! Zoooomba!

So far, I've attended five different Zumba groups, in five different church buildings. I plan on trying out a new one tomorrow.  The church culture itself is beneficial to group activities like Zumba. That's where I first heard about the free Zumba class ... the one that started this whole thing. At church.

I grew up in a very religious home, it's never really clicked with me though. I just kind of go with the flow. I struggle on Sundays sitting through hours of meetings. I find it a bit funny just how much time I've been spending "at church" lately ... an hour each morning. But I'm NOT sitting!

 A fuzzy photo of one Zumba group.

This last Tuesday, I started the day at the church (with Zumba) and ended the day at the church (with my boy's Scout Pinewood Derby). The spacious church gym, great for dancing, great for social activities ... great for basketball, or so my second son would say!

Here's some pictures from that night.
And I made a highlights video, where you can see the cars in action!

I am so grateful the church allows these extra activities in their buildings. I know if Zumba is held in an LDS church building, it is free (there can't be any charges as that would endanger the church's non-profit status). It's nice to see the comradeship of the women ... all are welcome, whether you live in that immediate area, whether or not you are active in the church. Of course, these Zumba classes DO start with a prayer!

Just Thinking Out Loud this Thursday. I've been having some religious struggles these past few years. I find it funny that now I'm spending more time "at church" than I ever did before. I find myself noticing cars in the parking lot of churches as I drive by during the day ... I always wonder if there is a Zumba class going (in the evening it's probably something else, but usually just SAHMs around during the day! Unless it's a funeral ...)  Do you have a lot of church buildings where you are at? Anyone Zumbaing at your local church building?

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  1. Wow what fun night it looks like Jen! You're son sure does look cute :-)


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