Monday, May 12, 2014

Motivational Monday After Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day yesterday. I had a lazy day ... didn't even hit 3000 steps on my Fitbit (didn't even bother putting my Omron on). My younger kids had told me I needed to stay in bed, and then the youngest dressed up in his Sunday suit to come take my order. Breakfast in bed is a Mother's Day tradition at our house. Even with the tray, eating in bed is a bit tricky! This is actually pretty standard fare for our Sunday mornings, but this time it wasn't ME making it, and that was a nice break.

I really could have got a workout in ... I considered it. Then I decided to take a rest day and lazed around and read my book.  After church we headed out to the inlaws for more food and family. 

There were rolls, mashed potatoes and a smoked pork loin. For dessert, my brother-in-law made homemade donuts for a base for strawberry shortcake. I don't like strawberries myself, but I did indulge in a donut. We didn't make it out to my mom's. I'll need to connect more with her this week.

So ... eating and exercise for the day were quite bad! Intake was high, burn was low. The scale this morning DID reflect the day. So I need to get motivated this Monday, get back to the routine. I know from reading many of your blogs, that your kids/family are one of the main reasons you want to be fit and healthy. I wasn't blogging last year at this time (well, I had  my family blog but not this one). I had just started MFP. I'm 25-30 pounds down from last year. Overall, I feel better about myself, but still a bit discouraged lately. And no matter how nice Mother's Day is ... I always get the Mother's Day Blues. Does that happen to anyone else out there? Seeing all the posts about mothers just makes me feel inadequate; like everyone else does it better... wife/mother/daughter. Blah! Mother's Day blues :(  Gotta shake it off ...

Let's celebrate Mother's Day by getting MOTIVATED! 
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  1. Linked up:) Looks like you had a great day!! I also had breakfast in bed from the little ones!! So sweet!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Your breakfast looks great. I live very far away from my mother, so Mother's Day makes me a little sad too, because I haven't seen her in a while.

  3. I enjoy Mothers Day spending time with my mom, but since I don't have kids its not really something I celebrate or think about for myself. But sadly I did eat too much junk yesterday, it's my own fault I brought cheesecake for dessert dinner, it was yum, but I hat to say I had a slice and a half.. Oh well:)

  4. Breakfast in fun! Your boys are so sweet to surprise their momma like that...I hope they kept spoiling you the rest of the deserve it girl!

  5. Sounds like you had a good Mothers Day. :-)

    As for feeling inadequate...the fact that your kiddos cared enough to do your breakfast in bed is just one itty bitty clue that you are doing something right! (Do I need to show you other hints and clues that I've picked up through reading your blog??) So kick that out of your head!


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