Friday, May 23, 2014

WWI#45 & BlueLightSpecials

Another "Weekly Weigh-In" ... it's a good thing I've started to participate in these fun Friday Five linkups too, because my Friday weight recaps lately have been booooring! What do you know ... this week looks about the same as last week, and the week before that, and the week before that! It would all be good IF I was in maintenance mode ... I'm only a couple pounds away from where I'd be happy staying steady. Why oh why can't I just lose a few and THEN be utterly boring with mini ups and downs from week to week? I know "if you change nothing, nothing will change" ... I also know it's not the exercise, but the eating that needs to change. I know I should actually CHANGE that ... instead of just saying that.

NUMBERS: Up just a tad from last week. High 153.9. Low ... last weeks weigh-in of 151.5. I thought because I didn't have as high a high, my average would be down, but it was up a little too. Average intake was 2129. Average burn 2865. I did have a deficit of 2325 for the week ...

I'm linking up with Fitness Friday and a late Weigh-In Wednesday.  

 Onto the fun part of Fridays ...
Friday Five

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For the Friday Five today, I thought I'd share some of the steals/deals I've received recently at Kmart. Not "blue light specials" (remember those?) but great finds. I now stop at Kmart once a week. It's just down the road from my Thursday Zumba class, and as I've linked my Fitbit up to their Fitstudio program, I receive about $8 in instant store credit every week. $5 ... 5000 points come from the Fitin14 reward (completing 14 miles in one week, it generally only takes me a couple of days) and then I get some additional points for goals/challenges and adding new friends. I have my "point" $$ in mind, and any coupons or surprise points from the ShopYourWay program and I'm ready to shop. Sometimes I do need something specific, other times I just wander and see if I stumble upon any deals. And I often do!  Here's some of my shopping from the past couple weeks ...

  1.  Balls for the Boys: The wiffle-balls were a real steal, the deal of the day! My #2 had requested some, as they have been popular lately with his friends. I grabbed one package, the $4.99 price tag for the six balls was better than I'd found elsewhere. When I checked out ... they were 49¢. 90% off! I went back and grabbed all they had (my son says they go through them pretty quickly!)  I picked up the racquetballs for "Wallball" ... a game where the boys throw a ball against the garage, running to catch it after just one bounce. It's become popular again as the weather has warmed up. The balls often accidentally disappear over a fence or into a rain-gutter. This is the second package I've purchased. $3, so $1 a ball, a pretty good price. I'd had to sneak a few out of hubby's racquetball bag when the boys lost theirs and I didn't have a replacement yet. I really hope to be back playing r-ball with hubby soon!  We did play some ping pong yesterday ... I think I need to put new paddles on the list next time I'm shopping with my points.
  2. Black Socks: A purchase for me. My workout outfits are usually black/gray and white socks just stand out ... I don't know why I didn't really have any black socks already. With my new Zumba love, I am wearing shoes and appearing in public more often, so I felt like I should "invest" in some matchy socks. 
  3. Cap and Visor: Still struggling feeling comfortable in my cute cap. I picked up this one (my Nike one gives me horrid "hat hair") and I've been wanting to try a visor too. They were both only $3 each.
  4. Shorts and Shoes: Simple staples for my five boys ... decently priced. I might as well buy them from here with my points!
  5. Clearance Candy: I got these bags for $2 each (and then they were pretty much free with my points). Ok, hypocritical purchase with my "healthy" points! I LOVE the Snickers Peanut Butter Squares. I'm pretty good at self-control. As they are individually wrapped, I can limit myself to just one. The three older boys adore Reeses (I like them too) and I like having them around ... a little incitement or reward. I know ... I shouldn't bribe the boys with candy, but it works!
In my original FitStudio post, I included a picture of some of the flowers I'd picked up practically for free with my points.  I picked up new slippers at Sears with my points another week ... actually, we have TWO FitStudio/ShopYourWay accounts. I hooked up my active son's Fitbit to the second family account. I've also got my mom on board (synced up to Dad's Fitbit, as he gets more steps than she does). All of us get $5 or more a week. We don't always make it into the store before the points expire, but I've been pretty happy with my steals and deals! Often finding some great prices, that I would probably purchase even if I didn't have points credit burning a hole in my pocket.

Don't bother looking for the wiffle-ball deal at the West Jordan Kmart ... I cleared them out! But they still had some of the candy left ...

Have a great weekend.


  1. I did not know Snickers made peanut butter squares...yum! Good job on your weight loss journey - journey is such a good word. Have a great weekend!

    1. The Snickers PB squares are so yummy! My boys actually still prefer the Reeses, which I love as well, but given the choice, I'll take the Snickers, because Snickers really satisfies, you know?

  2. I'm surprised that you'll wear black socks to Zumba...I thought it'd be neon pink or something :)

    1. That is a future blog post ... lacking in color confidence! Seriously, I'm almost always dressed in black/gray (which is a bit of a family joke, as hubby's name is Grayson Blackham and my nickname for him is "GrayBlack"). I'm just not comfortable in color!

  3. I know you're not wanting to be in maintenance mode, but it is really great that you are able to maintain. I feel like I'm always either losing or gaining, and find it hard to maintain!


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