Monday, May 19, 2014

My MFP Birthday

One  year ago (on Saturday, May 17) I joined My Fitness Pal. There on MFP, it keeps track of your "streak" ... how many days you have checked in and logged.

Since I started ... 
I haven't missed a day.

When I originally lost weight (eight years ago) I tried to track food. For a short time, I wrote down what I was eating in a notebook. Then I tried on online program (My Calorie Counter) and did that for a little bit. It didn't really stick. I wasn't sure if it was food logging in general, or just the program that was the problem. I'd spent quite a bit of time adding manual entries, and learning how it worked, so I wasn't sure I wanted to change and try something else. For several years, I just keep exercising, trying not to eat everything, and I did okay. But as I've mentioned, the weight slowly crept back on. A year ago, I decided I needed to try food tracking again. Looking at the various options, I decided to give MFP a chance.

I'm so glad I did!  MFP is SO easy... Let me clarify. MFP makes recording and tracking food easy. The actual EATING choices, keeping calories in check ... THAT is hard. SO hard! I really don't know if I'll ever master the eating. But the food logging? I've got that down. That is second nature to me now. NOT logging ... that would be hard for me.

 Many people keep their food diary public for friends to see. I don't. I keep mine private. Sometimes I don't really WANT to put everything down in black and white, but I do like having the record. I can look back on any day in the past year and know what I ate. It's a food journal, but the food tells a bit of a story too. Just looking at the entries can often trigger memories of the day as a whole.

Food logging isn't for everyone, I know.  People who are eating healthy and clean are probably keeping calories in check, and counting every calorie isn't required. For some I'm sure it would be a negative experience, a chore. I'm not sure if I plan on doing this every day for the rest of my life ... but you know, maybe I will. I AM the kind of person who revels in records, who likes numbers and graphs, who looks at my food journal as more than just a journal for food, but for memories as well.

It motivates me. As I started MFP, I lost 15 pounds pretty quick. Over the next several months, I lost another 15. I'm no longer in the overweight category. I'd like to lose a little more, but I'm not unhappy with where I'm at or how far I've come. And I give MFP most of the credit for that.

So Happy MFP Birthday to me!

No - I didn't celebrate it with cake.

**Weekend Recap**
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  • Friday ... had a decent day workout wise. I did get my jog and weights in. A little less elliptical, a little more bike as I wanted to finish my book (I have a new one I'm excited to read waiting for me). Food wise ... not great.
  • Saturday ... I went to the last basketball game of the season (for #3). I didn't bother video taping it, as we thought it was going to be a blow-out (our boys ended up with the win!) and I still have clips from two previous games I haven't done anything with. That left me free to "walk" during the game. Then I had a soccer game for #5 later in the day (I did man the video camera for that one, but still got a bit of walking in). Hubby got my burb brakes looked at (they had been sounding awful) and got the car registered ... so glad to have that done (still have issues with #1's truck hanging over us). 
  • Sunday ... there was some housecleaning, ping pong and walking to/from church twice. It's not far, but enough to get a little blip on my daily Fitbit. Only got in 40minutes on the elliptical for "official" exercise both Saturday and Sunday, but these other activities added up. I was pleasantly surprised by my numbers.  You can see my stats in my Day to Day Doings.  Still need to work on the eating though, especially on the weekends!

Have you tried food logging? MFP or otherwise?

What motivates you?
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  1. That's amazing that you walked 5000 steps between those 2 sets of bleachers! Way to fit it in!

  2. Happy anniversary! I use MFP @iperceive2!! I logging the ease of logging food....It's not that accurate with the exercise calories but I love It. I used Spark in the past and MFP is by far the best. I'm on a 115 day streak right now but I have been using it for a year and I LOVE IT!!! I feel guilty when I miss a day and angry!!! lol

  3. I use lose it, but I think they are pretty similar. I love it!!! I had to change the way I viewed calories. I no longer look at is a boundary or rule. I looked at calorie counting as awareness. Changing that little perspective...changed everything for m.

    1. I looked at LoseIt, but they charged to connect to Fitbit (you had to be on the premium service). I do think they are pretty similar though.

  4. Happy MFP birthday. I also find it to be wonderfully easy to use. My streak keeps getting messed up because while I'm tracking....some weekends arevso busy that I don't get on until late in the evening and it's after midnight to enter my stuff.....grrrrrr

  5. I adore MyFitnessPal. I keep my food diary private too, because I am aware that my eating habits need improvement and am not really open to comments from my friends about what I ate or drank. I get it already, I'm working on it, ha ha. There's a difference between useful feedback and just nagging. MFP has the best database of any site I have tried, and that makes logging so much faster.

    1. I opened mine up once, and never received a negative comment (I don't know if anyone even actually took the time to look at it) but I found myself wanting to fudge the numbers, being embarrassed about my entries. I figured it was better just to keep it private and keep it honest anyway.

  6. I hate to track what I eat but I realize that's the only thing that worked for me. I am less discipline when come to tracking my food but I'm working on it. Happy anniversary :)


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