Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

I was reading the newspaper, when I came across this article...  TV Networks Plea To Viewers: Watch This Now! I had to laugh a little. I am the TV Networks worst nightmare. Well, not the worst, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who shun television completely. Me? I do love many of the TV programs available, my "to watch" list is huge ... but I don't watch anything "live" anymore. I'm completely content to wait.

 Live TV is rarely on in our home. Now ... the TV itself is on a lot, but it's Netflix or Amazon or a DVD.  PlayOn keeps me current for shows not on other platforms (there is a fee, but it's less than HuluPlus and I love being able to record programs so that I can fast forward through the commercials). I hate commercials! Ironically, we have not given up cable yet (although I'd love to break up with Comcast completely). I haven't been able to figure out how to let the boys watch their basketball without having cable.

It's that time of year ... when almost all the shows wrap up their seasons. I've had to bid farewell to Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife and Scandal. Season 3 of Scandal is already on Netflix! If I had know it would appear that fast, I think I would have waited and watched all the episodes back to back.  I am going to miss my Mon/Fri motivation ... I'd always be a little excited to get to my workouts to watch these shows that had aired the night before.

I have been keeping current with Game of Thrones, and there are a few more episodes of it before it finishes up (but nothing this past week). I am a "24" fan, in fact, "24" was THE show that got me hooked on watching while working out. It totally compelled me into coming back, and would feed my adrenaline ... I mean how can one not be energized seeing Jack run around saving the world? I'm happy to have Jack back, and am watching the new "24" series. Just finished up last night's episode.

For my workout inspiration ... I do like the "hour" (40+minutes without commercials) programs more than the shorter ones. I prefer action/drama to comedy. I prefer the shows with a serial story, one that carries from week to week, rather than a single-story loop per episode. It just keeps me coming back (to the gym, where I watch while working out).

I did just finish up watching Modern Family (at times I DO watch the shorter/comedies too) as it finished up it's season. I've been waiting for Cougar Town to come to DVD, but I've been waiting for a while (seasons 1-3 are, but season 4 has been done for a while and still not available). I turned to PlayOn and have been catching up on that. I've also been making my way through Drop Dead Diva (currently in Season 2) ... I have to laugh a little that I'm watching TWO shows right now where there male lead is named Grayson! It's a very uncommon name ... but it's my hubby's name too!

Back to the article I mentioned at the top ... I know I'm not the prime audience TV Networks are after. The "waiter" ... but you know, I DO get around to watching a lot. I'm just slow. The way we watch TV is certainly changing.

Amazon Prime just added a bunch of HBO shows to their line-up. Hubby and I have already watched many of them, but Hubs loves having them at his fingertips to rewatch with ease. I'm not really into watching things more than once anymore ... there is just SO much out there! I'd rather see something I haven't seen before. I try to keep track of what I've watched (What I'm Watching). I'm a little OCD like that, I like to keep a list. It's not complete of course, more the last year or so ...

What about you? Do you stay current with TV programs? Do you prefer drama or comedy? Which TV alternatives do you subsribe to? Do you like to relax or workout while you watch?


  1. Mostly DVR, but I do try to watch The Good Wife live.

    Also love, in no particular order (except unconscious, I guess):

    Game of Thrones
    Orphan Black
    Reign (guilty pleasure)
    The Middle (you would love this!)
    Modern Family
    Parks & Rec
    24, but barely keeping awake this mini-series version
    Downton Abbey
    almost anything on HGTV

    yeah, way waaay too much...

    1. I just happened on Orphan Black (on AmazonPrime) and really liked it. I could watch the current season via PlayOn, but I think I'll wait (watch episodes all back to back, with captions when it hits Amazon). I've seen season 1 of "The Middle" ... it doesn't stream on Amazon or Netflix, so I'd have to find the DVDs, but I bet my library has them. LOVE Downton Abby! Last season I found it online months before it showed up on PBS in the states :)

  2. I don't record anything. I don't use Netflix. I guess I am still old fashioned. My guys watch lots of sports. I have to look up PlayOn to even see what that is. Now I am starting to feel way behind the times.

    1. We don't watch a lot of sports, just basketball really. I just don't like to have to have a schedule, watching when things are actually ON. I'm just so glad technology has advanced past video tapes and such. Streaming is so easy ... as long as your Internet is up!


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