Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pin It Party #5

Time for a Pin It Party, hosted by Lindsey over at The Lean Green Bean. I don't know about you, but some blog posts are just day to day stuff, recording personal insights and such. Other posts are more informational, things that maybe deserve a wider audience. Pinnable posts if you will. This link up gives bloggers a chance to look through their previous posts and spotlight a few and give those posts a little extra exposure.

If you have some posts you would like to feature ... come join the party! If you need a little extra reading material, but sure to check out the party and some of the proffered posts. I'm sure you'll find something of interest.

You can find ME on Pinterest (JenB'sJourney), and see the previous Pin It Parties I've participated in ... (PIP#4, PIP#3).  Here's my shares this go round ... and I hope to get some reading and pinning in soon (gotta get to Zumba this morning!)

Just a quick reminder of all your local library has to offer. Books, magazines, DVDs, music and even stream services. If you haven't checked out your library lately, you might be surprised and all you can find there!  I ♥ my library!

If you follow my blog at all, you know I'm into fitness AND frugality! I love the programs out there that reward a healthy lifestyle. The latest one I've discovered is with Kmart/Sears "Shop Your Way Rewards" ... set up a FitStudio account and earn points for your activity. I get about $8 in instant store credit a week. I've had a bump here and there (trying to use both my points and surprise points, not getting all my points) but overall ... it's some extra easy "income".

Another reward program. I've earned over $50 since starting in January. Admittedly, getting in my workouts and logging my food are second nature to me. I only commit to six days (out of seven) just to give me a little leeway (I have taken a rest day here and there, but haven't missed a day logging food in over a year). There is also a "Veggie" pact ... I can't quite commit to that. Both the actual eating is an issue, and then it isn't an instant-sync like the other two. Still thinking about that one ...

If you are participating in the Pin it Party, there is a good chance YOU are a hopper. In this blog post I talk about some of the things I think are important (as a host) and love to hear others experiences as well. There is also a list of the many health/fitness blog hops that are available (in case you wanted to do a little more hopping yourself!)

I've been sharing some of my favorite jogging songs. Music that has 160 beats per minute ... which is perfect for me on my treadmill, set to 5mph. My foot falls match the beat of the music exactly. I'm a little OCD like that. I've shared three (sets of 5) so far ... "PopularPlaylist", "Motivate&Inspire" and my "Pissed Off Playlist" (which is pictured above). 

I hope you found something that interested you! Thanks for visiting!

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