Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Ends

Well ... April is over. I remembered to snag the Intake vs Burn graph from the Fitbit site, I forgot last month (well, I was a day late and that throws the look off). Hmmm ... what to say about April? I feel like it was pretty good, although the scale doesn't seem to really agree. No weight lost. Started at 150.7 and ended at 152.0.  High during the month was 154.9 and the low was 149.0. Didn't see numbers under 150 nearly enough  ...

I was pretty active in April.
I mentioned hearing about the 1800minute challenge. I added up my minutes for April alone. 4460 minutes spent in dedicated activity. And I did even take two complete rest days this month. I'm a little exercise insane ... don't mind me. I wish it would correlate better with a little weight loss. I'm beginning to think what I eat might matter ... (I don't want it to! I want to eat whatever I want as long as I keep an overall deficit). Sigh. Lots of Easter candy in April.

I've been ellipticalling almost everyday. Getting in my reading and riding (got through several books this month) and set a new distance jogging on the treadmill! Still going to Zumba Tues/Wed/Thurs (and got in one Friday session). While I did get in my strength training, it was a little haphazard this month. I missed a few Fridays, shifted some days around a bit.

April ALWAYS seems to be a bit hard for me (reflecting on the past eight years. I always seem to gain a couple pounds in April).  Easter, and all the candy around. Spring break and the kidlets out of school. Nicer weather ... I'd feel the urge to just go sit in the sun sometimes. The boy's basketball has started up again, practices/games and travel all impact exercise and eating.

It's the eating. I know. I need to do more than just try and control calories (which I'm not always successful at either). There are just so many yummy temptations, and all the "good for you" food I see you all eating just doesn't appeal to me at all :(  And when I say doesn't appeal ... I mean I won't/can't eat most of it (Eating Issues). But I need to do better.

It's May ... It's another day.
Thinking Out Loud ... Reflecting on the past month. How was your April?


  1. April has ended, and it means one step closer to Summer!!! I'm excited about that--because I am off in the summer!!! You killed it on your workouts in April--so impressed!! Keep it up!

  2. Awesome minutes!! I guess you complete the
    Food is so important!! But youre doing great! Leave the Easter candy alone in May! HA!

  3. Great job with the minutes! April is the worst for me because it's easter candy season AND beer on the porch season and grilling season...ahhhh!


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