Monday, October 28, 2013

A Big Bag of Sugar

I did a lot of baking last week (Been Baking) and we made gingersnaps last night.  With all this baking, I needed to restock our sugar supply. I went downstairs to our storage room and grabbed a 25 pound bag of sugar and lugged it up the stairs. It was heavy!  Then I had a moment of realization ... that's about what I've lost on my journey so far (depends on the day. My MFP ticker has shown 26 for the past few weigh-ins, it's back to 24 today. Up a little after a wicked weekend, oops!) I am really glad I'm not lugging that extra 25 pounds around every step of every day anymore. I'd like to lose another big bag of sugar ... of course I probably should cut back on the baking to help with that, right? *Ü*

It is a bit of a challenging week ahead. A family party tonight, helping out at the school for the Halloween party on Thursday (and some prep before that) ... Halloween itself, and the candy the kids bring home (Mommy deserves a few choice pieces, right?). Basketball practices and games almost every day. A doctor appointment to get the cast off baby boy. Family funeral on Saturday (my grandma passed away last week after struggling several years). There will be some eating and exercise challenges to end the month, but I'll do the best I can to keep up.

I'm very glad I won't be lugging a 25 pound bag of sugar every step of the way.

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  1. Hi Jen! Awesome for you to realize that, with the sugar bag. At my last TOPS presentation I brought in a backpack that weighed exactly how many pounds I lost this year and put it on. It was huge and heavy. People were very inspired. :D

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandma.

    I have had the same realization about my weight everytime I pick up a turkey. My hubby and I always say "how many turkeys" I have lost.

  3. Wow! Good for you on the 25 pound weight loss! That's awesome. Definitely take a moment to celebrate how far you've come. :)


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