Saturday, October 26, 2013

Interesting Articles and Creative Costumes (SS#4)

... I got through several magazines this week (Self July2011, Health Nov2012 & March 2013, Fitness Feb2013, March2013 & April 2013, Women's Health Nov2012 & Nov2013). I enjoyed browsing them all, but nothing made enough of an impact to be included here. I did find some online stuff I thought I'd share:

With Halloween approaching, I thought I'd share this article about Alternatives to Halloween Candy. Just an option if you didn't want to bring candy into your house, or encourage the eating of it elsewhere.  There were some ideas that I think kids would really like.

 Another inspiring article from our local paper.  

If you have a post highlighting interesting articles, favorite blog posts, reading recommendations, or anything you think deserves a second chance in the spotlight, feel free to link up!


  1. Hi Jen! I honestly think the Dove ad also had women who are far more fit and trim than the average woman's figure--I'm just saying this from years of seeing a variety of women in the women's gym locker room. Many women don't look like (or as good as) the Dove women in their underwear. So it isn't exactly realistic either, though it's better than underweight models.

  2. I have a cheat meal about two to four times a month usually. I let myself eat whatever I want and as much as I want. I think this helps me not to feel deprived and I believe it helps my metabolism keep from going into starvation mode.

    As far as Halloween candy, I have firmly made up my mind that Halloween is for children, and that includes the treats. My duties as an adult are to chaperone and pass out the candy. And that's that!


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