Thursday, October 17, 2013

Soccer... Past and Present

Throwback Thursday! During my middle school years, I played soccer. Center Fullback was my favorite position. I liked being on defense. I didn't score many (any?) goals, but I prevented the other team from scoring a lot. We had a pretty competitive team. At one point, I remember a few of us were tapped for an "All Star" team. Most of us were on the school track team too (I'm NOT a Runner) and I think the two sports complimented each other. As we all moved to high school, the team dissolved. There wasn't a girls soccer team at my high school (then) ... but that didn't stop ONE of the girls from continuing to play! I myself turned to music and theater. You really could only participate in one after school activity as they all seemed to practice at the same time.

When I first lost the weight back in 2006, I got back into soccer for a time. There was a MeetUp group that would get together and play pick up games. It was so much fun. Then the kids sports kicked into full gear  again and took up most of my time. 

All my boys have played soccer at one time or another. #2 played on a competitive team for a year, and I'd join in on some of the workouts with the team. I could see the preference for basketball kicking in with the older boys (Basketball Mom). #4 broke his arm during a game, and it was so traumatic, he said he wasn't ever going to play soccer again. But my munchkin, #5 ... he's a little soccer star. I was even the coach for a few seasons (it's not very hard to do at the pre-school age). I do wonder if I would have been as willing when I was heavier though.

Spring 2011 
(I can't remember the team name)

The Blue Sharks - Fall 2011

Red Rockets - Spring 2012

You can see my Omron pedometer in my pictures. I had pockets! Ah, the Irony of my Omron "Pocket" pedometer! I was always surprised at how many steps I got as coach during games and practices. At this age, the coach is on the field and quite involved chasing/directing kids.

While I enjoyed coaching ... I also really like to be on the sidelines with the video camera so I can capture the action. My little guy played soccer this fall, but between scheduling conflicts and then his broken wrist, I only got three games on video. That WAS enough to really show him in action though! He's #10. His final game was last Saturday ... and he played, even in his cast (he had a long sleeve shirt on, you could hardly see it!)

I LOVE watching him play!

Have you ever played soccer?


  1. Hi Jen, They didn't even have soccer at our school when I was a kid, but I was in volleyball, bball, and track. I was fairly good at volleyball, but okay with the latter two. My husband used to coach soccer. :D

    1. My soccer team was actually a community team, not a school team. The junior high had girls track ... but I can't remember if it had other sports. It did not have soccer. My high school had everything but soccer (for girls). I do really enjoy volleyball (which is not the same as saying I'm good at it) but basketball ... I only watch basketball!

  2. I played soccer in PE one time and got a swift kick to my shin and a black and blue lump. I was definitely more into tennis!

    It's so good to go out and play with your kids. It gives you quality time with them, it makes you a good role model for physical activity, and it gives you exercise. My son loves swimming and bowling, so we do those a lot.

    You're looking good Jen! I can see a big difference in you since last year. Congrats!

    1. That's why you need to wear shin guards! *Ü* Baby Boy and I were a little out of practice after missing several of his games, he didn't wear shin guards for his final game and I didn't notice until we got there. No one else noticed, so he played, but I think he was a little reticent missing that small protection (and with a broken wrist and recovering from a cold).

      I put on even MORE weight after those soccer photos (the end of 2012 and start of 2013 wasn't a great time). I fluctuated a bit during these past several years.


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