Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thou Shalt Not ...

Happy Sunday. Growing up, a fond Sunday memory was grabbing the comics section of the newspaper. I loved Calvin and Hobbes ... I just ordered the complete collection and hope to introduce it to my boys. Laughter is such an important part of life. Even though our health is something to take seriously, I think we can take some time to laugh a little too.  I thought I'd start posting some Sunday Food and Fitness Funnies each week. I had already started collecting some, and I'll actively be keeping my eyes open for items that make me smile. 

I think the low-carb craze has passed ... I never jumped on that bandwagon anyway!


  1. LOVE Calvin & Hobbes; have 2 of their hard-bound collections of cartoons.

    But you are SO wrong; low carb (esp. Paleo/Primal) has not passed; it's going strong and growing. Jump, woman, jump in! You won't regret it! :p

    1. I'm still a newbie, my info on Paleo/Primal is that it is basically as it sounds ... non-processes, like in the "caveman" days. I guess my assumption was that it still had lots of fruits (which are carbs). I am aware that Paleo/Primal IS huge, I just didn't think it was considered low-carb. I'll need to educate myself on it more.

      I guess recently hearing about "low carb" diets hasn't been in the news as much ... sugar and processed foods seem to be in the "evil" spotlight more than carbs (although they are often the same!)

  2. After years of working with people to get healthy and lose weight, I think one has to find what works for their body. Low carb hasn't gone away yet, just taking on different forms like Primal Gwen said.

  3. I eat primal/paleo and it suits me.
    People think it's low carb because you are not eating bread, pasta, rice etc.
    However veggies are carbs, and we eat a lot of them.
    I don't miss bread, or pasta. I'll eat them, but don't really like the taste anymore.
    just eat real food - jerf.

  4. I never jumped on the carb bandwagon either.....(I think I'd die without my carbs)...however I will admit (with many tears) that I have figured out that I don't lose weight if I eat carbs (bread alert) at each meal....I have to limit my carbs (fruits not included...I'm talking bread and pastries) to once a day!


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