Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ohhh ... I Want One!

I'm a gadget girl (married to a gadget guy).  I'm quite happy with my Fitbit tracker and while I keep my eye on and opinions open about the many similar items out there, I'm not planning on replacing it anytime soon (although I'd LOVE to give some of them a try  and compare if anyone wanted to comp me one! *Ü*) My brother shared a link to this new gadget ... the Airo, and I'm intrigued! Here are just a few links discussing it~ 

Like my Fitbit, the Airo will track activity and sleep. Ok ... I already have that. But THIS little wristband is also supposed to monitor your stress (tracking heart rate, I do have a HRM but I don't wear it all the time) and a spectrometer to ... track your nutrition!

From the Airo website ... "AIRO is able to automatically track both the calories you consume and the quality of your meals. With a built in spectrometer, AIRO uses different wavelengths of light to detect nutrients released into the bloodstream as they are broken down during and after your meals." The Airo can tell when you start and finish your meals, give you a calorie estimate, and even feedback on your eating habits in general (do you eat meals at set times during the day, or do you graze? You are probably aware of your own habits, but sometimes having them documented is eye-opening).

If that works ... that sounds AWESOME.

All the articles seemed to be released in the past day or so, so this is brand new. It is available for pre-order ($149 + $10 shipping, regularly $199) but it isn't set to be released until Fall of 2014. That is a whole year away! It doesn't sound like anyone has really had one in hand yet to try out either ... I'm really looking forward to reviews. 

I haven't pre-ordered it yet myself... It's not the price that's stopping me, it's the wait. I don't think a prototype even exists yet. But I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this. If it was available right now, I don't know that I'd be able to resist grabbing one. I'm sure I'd still wear my Fitbit and compare the activity and sleep feedback. I love second opinions (and third, and forth ... I've said it before, I like redundancy). I'd still track on MFP and it would be SO interesting to see how closely the calorie count intake would add up... or didn't. I'd buy this for the "nutritional" feedback function alone.  If it actually works.

What do you think? 
Does this intrigue you as much as it does me?

.... and following up, sounds like it was too good to be true. Production was canceled and orders refunded (I'd never ordered, was waiting for some reviews). I read about it here ...


  1. It does sound like an intriguing device! I'll look forward to hearing what you think if you decide to get it.

  2. That is VERY intriguing. Sounds too good to be true though. I love my gadgets, but I'm also a skeptic. ha ha ha. I'll wait for the reviews before I make my decision!!!

  3. It does sound too good to be true. LOL It seems to me that just using air waves...well, lots could interfer with that...? Intriguing concept for sure, though!

  4. I want one too!!! That sounds amazing! My only concern is all these electronics against my body 24/7. What are the long term effects of that??

  5. Interesting! I'm going to have to read up more about this! Does it have a HRM built in also? I have the fitbit flex, (and am ticked off that I just got it and they came out of the Fitbit Force not long after...grr.) and I'm overall pleased with it though.

  6. Yes, it sounds intriguing with using light wavelengths to sense the nutrient levels. Pre-ordering something this far out just seems crazy though LOL

  7. I still want a Fitbit. That's is crazy that the pre order is so far in advance.

  8. That sounds like a nifty little gadget. As you said, it's often hard to know exactly how well I'm doing as far as my nutrition and workout. Something like that could be helpful.

  9. Its intriguing but I don't want those waves and radiations checking out my body regularly. I'm sticking to regular Physical check up.


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