Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I have a little notepad sitting on the treadmill downstairs in my gym (J&G'sGym).  At the top, I always put the day of the week, and the date. Then, as I complete a workout, I write down my stats. Time spent, distance, calories burned (I do write down the machine "calorie burned" readout even though I think the machine readouts are too high, see my Exercise Estimates post).  You can see so far today, I've done 20 minutes (2miles) on the elliptical ... 

At the end of the day I make one final trek downstairs to grab the top sheet. I then sit down at my desk and pull off my Omron pedometer and write down my total steps, aerobic steps and aerobic minutes. I write down my sleep stats (time I went to sleep, time I woke up, and number of hours asleep ... according to Fitbit) and my daily weigh-in. 

The next morning I grab my calories in and calories out (Fitbit adjustment) from MFP and write those down, along with my Fitbit numbers (total steps, total burn, very active minutes).  These are changing up until midnight, so that's why I wait on them until the morning. 

Sometimes I forget to throw away my old "numbers" in a timely manner. 
I get a BIT of a pile up on my desk. 

I keep everything in an excel file (although I've actually switched to Google Docs after a recent computer update invalidated my excel license). I also write down all this info here in my Day to Day Doings. I copy that info to Walker Tracker and update my Daily Miles

Redundant? Obsessive? Crazy?
A Little OCD?
I admit it. It's true.

Linking up with
  • Workout Wednesday (instead of tracking food numbers, some try a photo journal of food). I'd like to try this ... well in addition to tracking my food numbers on MFP. 
  • Weigh In Wednesday  (my weight today is higher than last Friday, but down from the last couple of days ... I have a few more days before my "official" weigh-in to try and at least get back to where I was last week).

...well enough time on the computer this morning. Time to get back down to the gym and add more entries on my little numbers sheet ... I plan to get in five 20min sessions on the elliptical, some Jillian (Ripped in 30 Level 1) and ... maybe some bike or treadmill. It's early out for the elementary today. A basketball game in the evening (a late one ... doesn't start until 9:00).

What numbers do you track? 
How do you organize your numbers?


  1. That is so organized! I usually track my runs, walks, and bike rides on Runkeeper. Generally I add my other fitness minutes to Sparkpeople. I haven't been as active there as I once was. It's just been hard to keep up with everything.

    1. "Organized" ... that is a nicer word than the ones I used *Ü*

  2. Holy moly! Are you an accountant by trade?! LOL

    I track the machine, endomondo, fitbit and my fitness pal but I tend to think all of these are not right. I key in my weight/age into the machine and use the hrm on the elliptical sometimes. I really need to just buckle up and invest in a HRM and that way I know exactly how many I have burned. So far Endomondo and the fitbit seems to be a bit more accurate (I think) than MFP.

    1. I do think most people think a HRM is the most accurate ... but it's still just an estimate too, and it doesn't track all activity correctly (it's for "steady state cardio"). It's hard to know what is right, even if you are trying to be truthful in your numbers! No matter what I write down, I know my body is doing it's own calculations and those are the ones that determine the results.

      My elliptical and bike allow me to enter my weight, but my treadmill doesn't. The Fitbit and HRM will take your other stats (age, sex, as well as weight) into consideration. It's crazy all the calculations I can come up with.

  3. I keep a spreadsheet (not as complicated as yours) with daily steps walked, daily weight and notes like "food on track." There really is a relationship between more miles during the week and less weight. (duh - haha) Hey, I'm starting Ripped in 30 tonight too. Cool!

  4. Your spreadsheet is impressive! Right now, I only keep track of my daily steps with my Fitbit. I also plan strength workouts, yoga, and barre classes for the week and make sure I do those (and make them up if I have to skip one). When I was losing weight, keeping track of food certainly helped a lot.

  5. I kinda of glance at numbers and make a mental note of what needs to be done. My Fitbit didn't even register 3000 steps yesterday, mental note pick up the pace today. *GRIN*

    1. I had barely 3000 steps on Sunday, very rare for me, but suppose a rest day is recommended. I was ready to get back to it on Monday. Love my Fitbit!

  6. I admire how organized you are. That's a lot of stuff to keep track of.


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