Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Spotlight

Magazines, blogs, websites ... there is a wealth of information out there focusing on health and fitness. Even if you spend a lot of time online, there are bound to be great articles, information or even tiny tidbits that you miss out on. As I move through my backlog of magazines (see my Mucho Magazines post) and find myself folding over the corner of an interesting article, or seeing something online that I want to bookmark, I thought I'd compile my collection and share it here on the blog each week. 

I've noticed (and enjoyed) similar posts from bloggers I follow ...
  • Success Along The Way posts a weekly "What I'm Reading" list. I always like checking out the articles, some fitness health related, some not. Often I've already read many of her picks (then it's a "we're so in sync" moment) but other times I'm introduced to new information.
  • Strength and Sunshine has a "Blogposts I Loved This Week" recap each Friday.
  • Garden Girl had a recent post listing healthy living links in her blog.
  • Sky n Surf showcased a couple very interesting articles on her site in recent posts.
I was glad that I found these bloggers, who took the time to recommend reads I would have otherwise missed.  I'm sure those featured also enjoyed having the link back. It's a win/win.

So, in addition to the links given above this week I thought I'd share some tidbits from my latest magazine reading (Fitness July/August 2013)

  • Cruise Control Run app: ($5, itunes) ... An app that analyzes your music to match a specific tempo. I'm currently getting  back into  running with music and I am VERY beat oriented! I looked into it, but think I'll pass for now. Has anyone tried it?
  • Split Ends: A quick tip from a stylist to put conditioner on the ends before shampooing ... hmmm, this is one of those "it can't really do any harm and it's worth a try" tips! 
  • Preventing Injury: You can read this article online ( Workouts Gone Wrong) ... I know crossfit has been stirring up controversy in the news lately, and of course the crazy competitive Spartan, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash were mentioned (which brings me to another link, a fellow blogger shared her recent race in the Warrior Dash, I'm not sure I'd ever be up for that). I've always thought stationary bikes were super safe, even after MY silly injury (A Bit Bruised), so I was surprised to see them make this list . 
  • Slowing Sugar: Another article available online (Ditch the Sugar Habit). I know SO many of you have been able to do this successfully. I keep hoping that if I simply control calories, it doesn't matter so much what those calories are. Articles like this are a good reminder that it's not only quantity, but quality that is important. I don't know if I'll ever be successful in breaking my sugar addiction ...

Even though so much is available online - I love magazines. They are inexpensive, and a bit a motivation in my mailbox each month. I pretty much subscribe to all the fitness ones. Just a shameless plug for my munchkin ... he's selling magazines as a fundraiser for his school. If by chance you were thinking of purchasing a subscription, a portion of the funds go to support our local school AND my munchkin wins a little prize... a plastic monkey. Apparently he really wants these little plastic monkeys. Check out the sales page (Magazines for Monkeys) ... the 2-year or combos seem to have the best deals. Health, Fitness, Shape, Self, Women's Health, Weight Watchers, Eating Well. Non-Fitness magazine are available too (Time, People, Cosmo, etc.). Luckily for my little man, I did need to renew a few, so he at least got an order from mom ... and a monkey.

If you have come across something you think others would appreciate, I'd love to hear about it. I'm going to TRY to jump on the LinkUp trend. If you see it below, and have a post you want to feature, link up. If you do not see a link up link ... then I was unable to figure it out. Feel free to post a link in the comments though.

I'll leave you with one final link .... Metronome Magic. Watch 32 discordant metronomes achieve synchronicity in a matter of minutes. I watched the video ... it really was a bit mesmerizing *Ü*

Do you like "reading recommendation" posts?
Do you share articles, links or shout outs on your blog?


  1. Oh I'll link up can it be anything im not sure if I shouldnt be on here go ahead and delete it. I started a Saturday link up as well you could add to and just noticed this as I was going through my roll haha :D

    Thanks for all the links and information! When I have a job again I will probably sign up for some kind of magazine cause I love having paper versions of things to look through. I already have some from before of girly fashion magazine type things and even that helps with the motivation :D But I would love to land some fitness type things later too.

  2. It's great it when a post gives me links to good sites I wouldn't have found myself. I do quite a bit of research on my blog, and I provide links to the studies I cite. I also provide links to sites that I think might have good advice for my readers. It's just a super thing to do -- sharing knowledge. Ah, the democracy of the internet!

  3. Thanks for the shout out and for giving me something to read as I struggle to wake up today!

  4. I'll share my weekly inspiration posts! Thanks for doing this :)

    1. Thanks for participating. Your post is exactly what I'm talking about! I've noticed many people posting their links on Fridays (which is when I do my weigh-in), but hopefully you'll come link up here over the weekend!


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