Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September ... A Look Back

While my overall averages are similar to the last few months/goal (around 3000 for the burn, 2000 for the intake) I did have several times my lines touched and even crossed. That generally happened on the weekends (Saturday/Sunday ... Fridays were actually pretty good this month). I had a couple just run down days during the weeks at the end of the month though ... that usually doesn't happen. For details on any particular day, check out the Day to Day Doings September 2013. Probably more than you would want to know (but I keep this for my records).

Here's my Streaks Calendar for September.  Any of my mid-week "misses" were REALLY close. If I'd been paying attention I'd probably done a tiny bit more activity to get to goal, but I was really tired those three days. 

I don't have a specific calendar to track my elliptical ... I try to do 100min(five 20min sessions) every day. It would basically be a duplicate of the "Goal" calendar, although I guess there could be times it didn't line up. But close enough.  I do track my other activities ...

I try to do weights twice a week. I was pretty successful in September. On the week I didn't get in a second session, I DID do 30DS two days (Wed/Fri). I'm just never sure whether to call 30DS a weight workout or not.

I've been getting in a mile or more on the treadmill ... jogging, no walking for that one mile. I started strong in September then petered out a bit. 

The bike too. Started strong, then ... not so much. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with my fall (A Bit Bruised). My knee really wasn't impacted enough to keep my off the bike, but I do wonder if I had a bit of a negative connection to it after that. Gotta get back to it ...

Stats from Walker Tracker ... (Omron Pedometer. Mileage based on the assumption 2000 steps = 1 mile). Glad to get a few 30K days in. You can see the weekly cycles. Not quite as many steps as last month though.

So, onto October. I guess I still have the goal of 3000+ burn, 2000 intake (and stick with THAT a little better). I've been debating trying Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. I know I need to add more "interval sprints" to all my cardio at times. I'm usually staying quite comfortable, I know I need to push it more, at least here and there. 

I had some big temptations food-wise. I made Chocolate Mint Brownies for the first time since counting calories. Big mistake! Also Beaver Tracks ice cream ... hadn't bought that in a while. And now, with Fall officially here and Halloween on the way, there is candy corn (I LOVE candy corn) and all the snack size treats ... so tempting!

Taking a look at weight changes ... or LACK of changes! No, I'm NOT trying to maintain yet! My immediate goal is to get to 150, so close yet seeming so far ...

Weekly Weigh-In #7 (08/30) 157.1
Weekly Weigh-In #8 (09/06) 157.6
Weekly Weigh-In #9 (09/13) 156.1
Weekly Weigh-In #10 (9/18) 157.1
Weekly Weigh-In #11 (9/27) 157.0

I really hope to shift the scale in October!
How did you do in September?


  1. Wow, you keep amazingly detailed records of your progress!

    Don't even remind me about Halloween candy - I need a plan stat to keep my hands out of the candy bowl. I purposely haven't bought any yet and I probably won't right up until a day or two before!

    I think I did pretty good in September, I didn't have huge weight loss success but I think that I made progress in my eating habits and mind set, so hopefully the scales will catch up with that in October.

    1. Yes, I'm a bit obsessive with records (and graphs). I'm such a sucker for the after Halloween sales, at times the candy goes for 1/2 off. It's supposed to be for the kids lunches, to be parceled out one here and there, but then it's always around to tempt me ...

    2. I had to look back on my blog, and I found out I've lost seven pounds in September. I'm very happy about that. I hope I continue to lose.

      Jen, I'd be thrilled if I weighed 157 pounds. You're doing great -- might just be stuck on the goshdarned old plateau. Hang in there!

  2. I tried to find that app. Is is called Momentum Builder? It looks like one I would like, but I couldn't find one called Streaks that had a calendar.

    1. You should be able to find it just by searching "Streaks" I think, but here's a link to a website, and it will get you there too. http://fanzter.com/products/streaks

      My son wasn't impressed enough with the app, he said it wasn't optimized for the iphone 5. He (or I guess it was me, as he hasn't paid me anything) bought a similar one called "Goal Streaks" ...

      I find I am sometimes not great at keeping up with my calendar on a daily basis, which I need to be. It is a great way to look back on the month. I did just add an "Elliptical 100" and "Jillian" calendar too. I like to keep track of everything!


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