Friday, October 18, 2013

Weigh-In #14

After my UP Monday morning (not surprising after my weekend), I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to correct enough to register a loss this week. I did see a steady downward trend once I got back into my weekday routine. I was happy Thursday morning to see my weight dip lower than I'd seen it in a long while. I was really good yesterday (so a bit disappointed its up a bit  from yesterday) but still a loss for the week.

153.9. Down .9 ... just shy of one pound. My MFP ticker is back on 26 as it was for Weigh-In #12 two weeks ago (it was actually on 27 yesterday, but 26 is much better than the ol' 23 it slipped back to on Monday morning. My poor moving MFP ticker!)

My average weight for the week is 155.5 ... which is up from last week's 154.9.  I crunched my numbers and came up with a total deficit for the week of 2950. Just shy of the 3500 needed for a one pound loss, so the numbers DO actually line up pretty perfectly this week.  If you happen to be interested in the details of my days, check out my Day to Day Doings where I give all my numbers. 

Here's a glance at my TrendWeight chart from the last three months.
A little less consistent lately - more ups and downs.
But still dropping overall.

But one thing to really smile about ...
It isn't easy being green.
I've been working toward this for a while now.

Technically ... I'm "normal"

Happy Friday
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Michelle at Mind, Body and Goal

I had indicated (in my Monday post) that this weekend would be a challenge ... a mini vacation. Well, just kidding. Hubby and the two older boys left moments ago, but I'm still home with the three little ones, who decided to sit this one out. Water fun and a munchkin with a broken wrist and a non-waterproof cast just didn't add up. So ... NO excuses!, In fact I should be able to do much better than usual this weekend (no tempting date night with hubby, no sports on Saturday as it's Fall Break). Let's see if I can move more comfortably into the "normal" range! 150 is my secondary goal and I really, really, really want to reach it soon! I know it's just a number on a scale ... but  I want to see that number!


  1. Jen, the key is staying on top of things, now shirking from them...and you are doing that! Good job!

  2. Keep it up Jen! You're doing great! Vacations are def a challenge!

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

  3. I think you are doing phenomenal! We can never expect every week to be perfect or work out as well as every other week, but as long as the long term progress is in the right direction that is all any of us can hope for.
    Making note of everything and using the data is very helpful.
    Very proud of you and I can’t wait to hear of your progress as the weeks go on.
    Looking forward to a stunning photo when you reach your goal : )


  4. Thank you so much for linking up for Fit & Fabulous Friday! It sounds like you are keeping yourself accountable and that is so important. See you for #FitFabFri ❤


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