Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Streaming vs DVDs

I don't SIT and watch TV anymore (ok, there is some snuggle time with hubby some evenings, we watched "The Walking Dead" last night). But if it's just me ... I only allow myself to watch while working out. There is a television in my home gym. It's not actually connected to cable, I can't watch live programming on it. I am hooked up to a DVD player and a Roku (so Netflix and Amazon). Another great product is PlayOn/PlayLater (also accessible though my Roku box), which allows me to watch anything available on the computer (YouTube, what the networks put online, which is actually almost everything if you are willing to wait a day) on my television in my gym. This has allowed me to keep current on some shows that in the past, I had to wait on (until they hit Netflix or DVD). Wanting to watch my shows is not only a nice distraction while working out, but it's also a big motivator ... I want to see what happens next!  I keep track of What I'm Watching, and I did a Let's Talk About TV link up post featuring some favorites. What are YOU watching?

I must admit ... we are a techno family and I've been converted to the convenience of streaming. It is SO nice to be able to easily switch between shows, not having to find, load and go through the pages of copyright warnings and slow start menu. If I'm in the middle of a movie, and I want to do me some Jillian ... I can quickly and easily move between the two in moments. When making a purchase ... streaming offers instant gratification (no waiting!) and often has lower prices.

Now ... DVD can have it's advantages as well. Originally one of these advantages was captions. I must have captions if I'm on the treadmill, as it's quite noisy. The elliptical isn't loud, but I still prefer having the subtitles as otherwise it is so hard for me to catch everything (I think my hearing is fine, there's just a lot of "low" talking on television!). Netflix and Amazon are doing much better now at offering captions on many of their streamed offerings. While new products are generally a bit more expensive, you can often find used DVDs at low prices. DVDs are also lendable.  But DVDs can get damaged and/or lost.

The other advantage to DVDs is they do NOT depend on your wireless signal. I did have struggles a couple weeks ago, TRYING to get in a 30DS workout, and my internet was on the fritz, which was beyond frustrating!

So when I wanted to invest in Jillian's Ripped in 30 program ... I was torn. DVD? Streaming? It was slightly less expensive as an instant download from Amazon ... BUT the four different workouts didn't have separate chapter headings (as 30DS does). For something like this, where you are watching a portion over and over, that was unacceptable.  I actually asked for a refund (and good ol' Amazon did give it to me).  So I've got this on DVD now, which is ok, but not as convenient as streaming if I'm able to access the workouts individually. 

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Do you watch during your workouts?
Are you aware of all the streaming options available?
Do you think streaming will ever replace DVDs?
Which do you prefer?


  1. I've never tried streaming and it's been so long since I've done a DVD, but I want to start getting in the habit of doing a video workout as winter comes around. I have grabbed some quick workouts from OnDemand, but I think I would run out fast if I was regularity doing them.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us again at Tips and Tricks Tuesday!

    1. I generally prefer watching a tv show (it's much more entertaining) but I've been trying to get in some workout videos just to shake things up some. They make me try moves that aren't in my usual routine. There are actually SO many out there (so many for free) that I think it will take me forever to even try many of them once!

  2. Our Internet connection is too unreliable, and the customer service too crappy (Comcast), for me to rely on streaming. I do some workouts on YouTube, but I am hesitant to pay for any that rely on the Internet connection. Good old fashioned DVDs for me!

    1. We have Comcast too. Other than the problem a couple weeks ago, we've had pretty good luck with them. We stream a TON. Sometimes we have three different shows going (me, hubby, the kids) plus another kid playing Xbox (also using wireless). I do love Netflix ... I think we have Amazon Prime more for the free 2-day shipping, but we've been enjoying it's streaming options a lot too. PlayOn was a one-time fee, so pretty reasonable in the long run.

  3. My BF and I love to watch The Walking Dead. Streaming TV shows on Netflix is great because you don't have the stupid junk food commercials and all that. Plus, you can watch back-to-back episodes. I work out at the gym, not in front of the TV, though.

    1. I am SO spoiled by no commercials and no waiting. I almost prefer to wait until a season/series is done and then watch it all back-to-back. I dislike waiting between weeks, and the long wait between seasons are even worse! I just have to watch out for spoilers ... which is actually not that hard as I'm NOT watching commercials.

      I love my home gym and all the conveniences it offers. I'm SO spoiled!


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