Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cake and Cuts

Last night we went up to Maga's (grandma) house. It was my SIL's birthday, and she's leaving for 18 months on a mission for the LDS church. So it was a farewell gathering too. Dinner was taco salad, which I don't like (and didn't eat) ... but I did snack on some of the Fritos.  When it came time for cake ... I ate cake. And ice cream. And instead of just logging in the same ice cream I indulge in at home, I double checked the calories and guess what. It has a LOT more calories than my usual brand.  Grandma buys the premium stuff. 

I hadn't been particularly good earlier at home either ... add those calories to the several hours sitting during the drive and the party and, well, it was NOT a good calorie day. After a not good weekend.

It was just one of those frustrating "why did I do that?" type of day (and weekend) ... I knew my exercise hours were going to be limited Monday, so why didn't I control my calories during the day? At the party, I didn't need to snack on salty chips. I'm not really a fan of chocolate cake ... why did I eat it? I know other's have mentioned at times feeling pressure to participate or not offend. That was not the reason I ate. I'm such a picky eater everyone is quite used to me not eating things when everyone else is.  It wasn't that I was particularly hungry. It wasn't that the cake and ice cream looked particularly good. I don't know ... I just wasn't caring that much.

It's so easy to see how I gained the weight in the first place. It was days like these.  I do still have them, but few and far between ... well, not this week. I've had a few too many this week.

I did enter everything into my MFP food diary. I saw myself move into the red. Upon returning home from the party, I could have done another 20min session on the elliptical, but I was tired. I don't know that one more 20min session would really have made much of a difference.

Aunt Olivia does hair ... 
she often cuts the boy's hair, saving us time and big bucks.
One last haircut before she leaves (on Wednesday)

(yes, that is considered LONG, SHAGGY hair)

to Shorn
She added a little color to #5

Weight was up this morning. Not a surprise. I have been pretty motivated to be good today. We'll see if I can turn things around enough to at least get back to where I was last weigh-in. I have a couple more days ... but one of those is Halloween, which in addition to candy temptations, also limits my exercise hours as I'll be at the elementary school most of the day, at the doctor (time to take the cast off) in the afternoon, and Halloween stuff in the evening.  It's scary!

I wish I didn't partake of the cake ...


  1. Well, the cake is done and over. NOW, the question is do you want to have the very SAME regrets about Halloween candy, or can you buck up and put your big girl panties on and RESIST? Make the choice now. Then stick with it.

    If not, plan on being a few more days living in Regret-land. It's not a fun place to be, and not worth the few moments of taste delight, when you really stop to think about it. BE STRONG. JUST.SAY.NO.

    1. Primal Gwen, you made me smile with your tough love approach.

      You have time to get back on track! The holiday season is right around the corner you don't want to be a victim of the holiday weight gain.

  2. RS...tough love....yep, when I deem helpful. :)


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