Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oreo Addiction & Other Articles ( SS#3)

Another week ... another list of links, interesting articles and tiny tidbits I thought worth sharing. If you have a post spotlighting some reading you would recommend, feel free to link up below. I appreciate hearing about what I might have missed around the web this week. Posts like ...

Goal Of Losing - Sitting is the New Smoking
Success Along The Way - Free Workout Resources
Coffecake and Cardio - Reflecting on the Past
I've been making it through my magazines ... I had a big stack of ones I had read and I wasn't sure what to do with them at that point. In the past, I'd pass them on to a fellow fitness buddy, but she had moved. Not too far, but enough that I couldn't just stop by her house with the stack. I happened to run into her at the grocery store, and she stopped by the house on the way home to pick them up. I prefer to pass them on to an interested party than just tossing them in the recycling.

So I'm a year behind ... currently just finished the Women's Health November 2012 issue. There were a couple of articles that were of interest to me. Not the cover stories. Sometimes I look back at the cover and think "did I even read that?" ... it just didn't grab my attention. The articles of interest to me were (links included, as I was able to find them online) ...
  • Food Fraud I remember being at the grocery store and seeing some extra virgin olive oil on sale for MUCH cheaper than I'd ever seen it. I love a good deal, but I was a little skeptical too. I did buy one, and I'm not an olive oil expert, but something does seem off about it. This article was about how there is food fraud ... purposely mislabeled foods (like it's really soybean oil, not olive oil), contaminants, and other issues. Just one more thing to be aware of while attempting to eat right. I also noticed this blurb in the newspaper today (Top Food Fraud). I guess Dr.Oz did a whole series on this too. Have you ever noticed once something comes to your attention, you see it everywhere?
  • Reading Results: This article explained in detail all the things the doctor may be looking for in a blood test. I did just have my annual physical a few months ago and I must admit to not being very knowledgeable about all the numbers ... luckily all my numbers were pretty good. My doctor's office had given me a printout of the lab results and I did pull them out for a closer look after reading this article. 

I snapped the picture above (I didn't even have to set it up, it just happened, it's not an unusual occurrence in our home) after reading about Oreo Addiction in Time Magazine ... I personally can resist them (but not my homemade oreos).

One of the blogs I follow, Affection for Fitness, also keeps a Facebook page where she shares many interesting articles. One that caught my interest this past week was Balance and Sports Injury Prevention. A little over a year ago, #2 broke his foot, a Jones Fracture, which is VERY slow healing. After four long months he finally resumed playing basketball ... and broke his foot (the other one this time). Jones Fracture again. It was just a fluke, bad luck ... but as he finally healed up, the doctor emphasized the importance of good balance, especially in preventing injuries in sports. He indicated someone with good balance could shift and correct, where an unbalanced individual would continue on a movement that could result in a break. Even super simple things like standing on one foot (while doing certain exercises ... or even during everyday activities like brushing teeth) can help improve your balance. 

I get a lot of healthy living links directly to my inbox as well ... I followed this link to an Everyday Health page. A little video started up showing "Five Secret Weight Loss Tips"  ... it was quite corny, but it did have some good information. Putting a blue light bulb in your refrigerator? Hmmm. The other tips were ones I had heard before (not exactly "secret") but still good refreshers. The video is embedded below ...

What have you been reading?
Any recommendations?


  1. Thanks for pointing out some great articles from this week! I had to laugh as about 3-4 people at work this week mentioned the Oreo addiction thing...and I would just say, each time, to each of them, "but of course! All sugar and grains are addicting! That's why I gave them up!" People can be a little slow to respond, but it sounds like this Oreo thing might be grabbing a lot of people and turning their light bulbs on for us. ;)

    1. I can resist Oreos (I like them, but I'm not always willing to spend my calories on them) ... but sugar and grains, I really can't even imagine giving them up. I do suffer an addiction (and it does feel that way at times, the withdrawal symptoms are pretty bad if I do ever try to go without). I follow your blog and admire your willpower!

  2. Hi Jen! Thank for mentioning my AFF Facebook page. I am a true believer in balancing exercises. I spend at least an hour per week doing them. And several people at the gym have told me similar stories to your son's story about getting balancing exercises to recuperate from an injury. I agree that simply standing on one leg (and then equal time of the other) when brushing teeth or waiting in a line at the store is a good start.

    Your weight is doing very well! :D

  3. Funny, I just read an article about food fraud yesterday. Along with the fake olive oil, the writer also mentioned fake calamari, which his made of (get ready, you might hurl) pig anuses! Too gross!

    1. I'm not sure when you read my post - I updated it with a couple more links on the food fraud, one was the small article I read yesterday which was probably the same one you mentioned (about the "calamari" ... yes, that made me shudder. Not that I've ever eaten it). I wonder if I would have noticed that article though if I hadn't read the one in the magazine first. Funny how once you notice something, you see it mentioned more ...


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