Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back on Track Tuesday and Some Fitbit Tips

Yesterday wasn't my typical Monday. Usually I'm rip roaring and ready to go again after the weekend. But yesterday, I just had some things that disrupted my usual schedule. I'd started some room rearranging yesterday and still had a ton of cleanup and organization to do. The repair man was coming to look at the dryer and YEA, he was able to fix it.  I really AM  ecstatic I can do laundry again (and I got in a couple loads yesterday, the rest of the catch up today and tomorrow). Hubby and I were given season tickets to a local theater, and the production was ending this week. A 4:00 matinee yesterday was the only show left with available tickets (we need to plan ahead a bit better for the next shows!) Then my folks came over for dinner and games. So other than the two elliptical sessions in the morning (my green spikes on my Fitbit graph), I didn't get in my usual gym time. I didn't hit my goals ... but I DID exceed myself on stairs! All the running up and down the stairs as I was moving things and putting stuff away. My step count and burn were actually pretty dang good for only 40 min of dedicated exercise, AND with a couple hours of just sitting ... you can SEE my sitting on the Fitbit activity graph!

So today (Tuesday) was MY Monday!
I got up and hit the elliptical first thing like I almost always do. I went to Zumba at the church as I have the past couple weeks. Back at home, I hurried and jumped on the elliptical for a couple of minutes just to hit 10,000 steps by 10 a.m.  That's a goal I used to have several years ago, but not something I do regularly any more!

While I was syncing my Fitbit to my app, I looked at the order of my stats and wished they were different. I'd tried halfheartedly to move them around before but hadn't had success. I took it a step further today and googled it and found the answer (in the app, go to "Edit", then hold your finger on the three lines to the right, which will allow you to move the different sections... THAT was the part I hadn't figured out on my own experimentation). I like having MY most important stats at the top. I don't care about distance, floors are interesting, but I want my steps, calories and active minutes right there! (In the image above, the one on the left was this morning, before I made changes, and the one of the right is after,

This is a handy tip for everyone who has a Fitbit and uses the app. If you want to rearrange the order, or remove any particular stat (say "weight" ... if you have someone looking at you app and you don't want to advertise that). 

I tried jumping online and seeing if I could rearrange the order of the stats  on my device itself, but I wasn't able to move them around (although you can turn them off, which I have done to the "chatter" function, I just thought that was silly.) I hadn't eliminated anything else yet, but I think I'll take off "floors" and "distance" and just check those on the app or online if I want that information. Fewer stats to scroll through when I'm checking my device itself. 

I also personalized my greeting so that it displays my cell phone number. Just in case it falls out somewhere, maybe someone would figure out that it's a cell phone number and try to call or text ... 

Linking up with Tips and Tricks Tuesday. Well, I best get back to moving (instead of sitting here at my computer), I'm close to hitting my step goal, but my calorie goal is still a ways off.

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