Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In (#27)

Again, I wasn't sure I was going to make a loss this week ... I bumped up higher after the "wicked weekend" then worked to change that trend and barely squeaked in a loss as I stepped on the scale this morning. But under 150! 149.9 ... down .2 from last weigh-in. I know 150 and 149.9 are only .1 apart, but it's a huge difference in my eyes. Now to make that middle number stay a 4 instead of a 5. My average weight (151.93) is up just a little from last week.  My total deficit was 2620 ... I was aiming for 3500 (about 500 per day) and hoping that would equal a one pound loss. I didn't quite get there this week. Still eating too much, and eating to much of the wrong (but yummy) things. 

Reflecting on the week ... I actually kept things under control on Friday, and that even included a date out to eat with hubby. I LOVE the fish and chips and Red Robin. Did you know you can request the "kids" fish, which is only two pieces, rather than the standard four? The calories and price are cut in half. I CAN eat four pieces ... but I can quash my craving with two. I'll admit I ate some cheese sticks too. Love those. I knew we were going out to eat and I "banked" my calories earlier in the day. Do you ever try that?

Saturday I had some wins ... Daddy and four of the boys went out to breakfast at Kneaders, but #4 didn't want to go, so I stayed home with him and jumped on the elliptical rather than indulging in decadent french toast. Of course then I blew it by eating a couple bowls of apple jacks. Fail. Win at the first basketball game of the day ... I jogged the track during the practice portion and when my boy was sitting out during the game (I did run down the stairs and grab some video highlights while he was in). Got in 2.5 miles instead of just sitting and watching. And I did NOT stop for donuts on the way home, even though we drove right past the donut place. It would have been so easy to stop and grab a dozen ... and then eat a couple of them.

I was doing just fine on Saturday until I came home from the fourth and final game and Daddy had chick-fil-a waiting. The chicken nuggets were yummy, but combined with some earlier snacking, pushed me over my calories for the day.  Sunday ... our traditional big breakfast and evening treat of homemade oreos showed up on the scale Monday morning.

I'm usually pretty controlled Mon-Thurs ... this week, Tuesday was a bit of a challenge. While I did manage to stay under (just barely) I didn't get my 500 deficit that day. We had my folks over for dinner and games ... and a treat of course. I feel like a bad hostess if I don't provide a yummy treat (I even did a gluten-free version for my dad).  I did manage to keep calories in control Wed/Thurs.

I've had a bit of a cold this week ... nothing too bad;  a runny nose, a tickle in the back of my throat. Very happy it didn't progress into anything worse or affect my exercise in any way. Hubby on the other hand was not so lucky. He came home from work early on Tuesday and by the evening he was miserable with fever and chills. He attempted to go to work on Wednesday but soon figured out that wasn't going to happen. He was sleeping fitfully all afternoon, and didn't take his next dose of ibuprofen as scheduled. I took his temperature when he woke and he was 105°! Yikes! With some cool cloths and another dose, we did get his fever down and managed to keep it under control.  He's doing better today.

I've been really consistent with my exercise this week, hitting my goals and checking off my "streaks" calendar. Time to wrap up this post and get back down to the gym ... I need to get in some more cardio, and it's also weights day! I've done 30DS earlier this week, but I'm ready for my weights workout.

Linking up with Jennifer's Follow Through Friday ... it goes with my weekly post perfectly.

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Also linking-up with Weigh-In Wednesday (even though it's Friday), and of course with my original Fitness Friday linkup . I've been browsing the blogs and online articles and will be posting my Saturday Spotlight tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congrats on being in the 140's! I hope to be there soon myself. Sorry you weren't feeling well, but at least you rocked out the exercise. I just started blogging, I'd love t if you'd stop by

    1. LinkUps are fun, and a great way to get involved in the blogosphere. I feel pretty new still myself *Ü* If you go back a couple days, you'll see I'm part of a Motivational Monday linkup as well. This last Monday's linkup is still open and your Monday post of resolutions would match perfectly!

  2. Woohoo! Under 150! Congrats on your progress! I forgot about follow through Friday. Ugh

  3. You're back! What a nice weight trend. I also bank calories when I want to eat at Indian buffet.

  4. I stepped on the scale today and was delighted to see that I have lost nearly four pounds since I made my New Year's resolution to lose 25 pounds. Only 21-22 to go! I've been depressed and haven't felt like eating much, but the scale really cheered me up today. :)

    Good on you for making it back into the 140s. That is my goal -- to get under 150. Then I will be in the normal range on the height/weight charts.

  5. OMG congrats on breaking the 150 I just did an excited dance for you! Thanks so much for finding your way over to my new home also I appreciate it x1000


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