Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Spotlight #10

As this first week of January has passed ... how ARE your resolutions coming along? Did you make any? Did you link up with Motivation Monday and tell us what they were? I'm back to MY routine. Back to exercising, back to blogging and back to my Saturday Spotlight. I've still been enjoying reading novels (I got into that during December when I was so sick I couldn't do much else) but I've been trying to browse the blogs and online articles as well. I'll admit I haven't been reading my magazines ... gotta get back to that (I have a few out from the library that are due back as well). 

Now to shine a spotlight on stuff you might have missed during the week ...

  • Resolutions: I liked A Little of This and a Little of That's post about goal setting and Talk Less Say More shared the SMART acronym to remember when setting goals. Nerky shared some fun tips for newbie gym "resolutioners" (that's her word). 
  • 100 Days: Have you seen this viral video of an overweight but inspiring woman who shares a video diary of her 100 Days at the gym? It's worth the watch.
  • Sexercising: I forwarded this Time Magazine article to hubby, hee hee. Thanks science!

At My Fitness Pal, they announced they were joining up with PACT ... formerly GymPact.  I had looked into GymPact a while back (I mentioned them in my Reaping the Rewards post) but based on reviews and requirements, I decided against giving it a try myself. I preferred the reward site options (Everymove, Achievemint) that linked easily and automatically to my current programs (MFP and Fitbit). Ones that didn't require any "check-in" on my part. With recent updates, it looks like Pact DOES now link with Fitbit (10,000 steps in a day counts as a workout) and with MFP, as food pacts have now become part of the program. 10,000 steps a day? Easy peasy for me (unless I'm sick or it's a holiday with family activities) and I haven't missed logging my food on MFP since I started last May (235 day streak and counting). So I'm signed up to give this a try starting next Monday. You can bet I'll share my experience here on the blog. Watch for it. I'd be really interested in hearing about anyone else participating and their experience as well!

Finally - I thought I'd link up with #backthatazzup Friday (I know, it's Saturday now), but sometimes you just gotta link up late. We've all got our Demons ..


  1. I loved the idea of GymPact but I workout at home so I didn't sign up. But I might have to look back into it now if they are working with MFP. Love the sexercise info LOL

    1. The recent Pact changes (linking both to Fitbit and MFP) where my exercise/eating will be counted without any further check-in on my part is what made me interested. Now if I had to stay UNDER on MFP, that would be a different story, but logging every day. I do that! Achievemint also simply credits me for logging, not for being good! I'll take it. :)

  2. are always such a wealth of knowledge! I joined Everymove (on your rec from a post) and am looking into the Pact app now! I use fitbit and MFP so...why not right? Plus now my place of employment is giving us incentive (read $$) to stay active as part of our wellness program and I can use these types of apps to show my activity level! Look for me on Everymove Waits & Measurements).

    1. You should check out Achievemint too (although I had to fight for my reward a little, I did get it) ... after my recent update I found out they link to MFP as well as Fitbit, so now I've been getting points from MFP too. I'm earning even faster now and should be able to "test" them again when it's time for my reward. I'm just about to earn a workout shirt on Everymove, it looks like a nice one. We'll see. It's been super easy to meet my PACT requirements thus far, and they are updating daily. I like these automatic ones that don't require me to do anything other than what I was doing anyway (moving and tracking food). *Ü*


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