Monday, January 27, 2014


The "theme" for Motivation Monday this week is healthy Superbowl treats. Now, honestly, "healthy treat" is pretty much an oxymoron to me ... if we're eating treats, they are not healthified in any way. I did make some sugar cookies decorated like footballs several years ago (pictured above). Just so I feel like I'm contributing a BIT to the actual theme, here's a link to some Baked Mozzarella Bites that look pretty good.  Here are a few other "Super Superbowl Snacks" you might want to check out from Barb, Sarah, Giselle and Ashley.

Our family just isn't a football family, we really don't even watch the Superbowl. BASKETBALL ... now that is a different thing all together. While the boys really love watching all the NBA games, they also all play. Basketball is a huge part of our life (Basketball Mom). It actually wasn't a great basketball week this week. Six games ... six losses. A heart breaker Saturday night in overtime. But it's all good. Losing teaches important lessons as well, and basketball keeps my boys moving and active

Of course we have a hoop out in front of the house ... it doesn't get too much action in the winter with the cold and snow. We also have a couple hoops around the house to keep the kids busy and moving even indoors. While writing this post, I can hear the sounds of a wild game going on. I snuck out and grabbed a couple pictures (the ones on the right) ...

There ARE sacrifices to having hoops in the house ... the picture at left is in the basement hallway. We attempted to repair the wall, only to have it broken again. The second hole is more recent (#5's shoulder ... he's ok, the wall, not so much!)  In the action shots, you can see a hole in the door as well. But it's better than them just sitting around playing video games or watching TV (although admittedly they still get plenty of those in too).

In addition to the physical damage to the house, the sound of the game ... the ball crashing into the hoop, the kids yelling, the slam of bodies and the pitter patter of feet ... it CAN get to me (it gets to Daddy pretty quick! The kids know to shut it down pretty quick once they get the stink eye from father!) I must admit I love it when the warm weather calls the kids outside.

We have the standard hoop out on the street (we are located on a circle, not much traffic). The first hoop we had was getting rather battered, so we invested in a new one ... but never got around to getting rid of the old one. The kids played on both, and then last year we moved the old hoop to the backyard by the trampoline. The boys really enjoyed bouncing, jumping and dunking the ball.

We also have a smaller hoop, 
the boys play on it almost as much as the big one!
So ... football isn't a big deal in our family. Basketball is. Knowing what your kids enjoy and providing them with an environment to keep them motivated to move will help keep kids happy and healthy! I LOVE watching my boys play ...want to see them in action?

My three oldest on one team (playing church ball).
My boys are numbers 11, 2 and 14

I'm feeling Motivated this Monday, but alas, it an off-kilter day. I started a moving/cleaning/organizing project yesterday that isn't done (and the house still needs a ton of work) and hubby and I have tickets to a show today (which will have me sitting for a few hours) ... so I doubting that I'll get to goal today. I'll just have to keep calories in check as weight is up as usual after the weekend. How about you? Ready to start the week? Link up with Grab Your Kicks, A Life in Balance, RunawayBridalPlanner, and of course MY Motivation Monday Team ...
Link up with Motivational Monday.
Share your story. Anything that motivates you or others!

My kids noticed the picture of the football cookies on my blog.
Now they want me to make them on Sunday ...


  1. Hi , I'm visiting from the link up! I was just saying the other day how I thought the Super bowl was just an excuse for people to eat junk food! Cute cookies by the way!

  2. I like football, but it has no comparison to college basketball in my mind!

  3. I'm not watching any of the game other than commercials so....yea! LOL But those cookies are too cute! And ouch to the poor wall!

  4. This is the first year that I'm actually doing anything Superbowl related...I'm very excite d for the food...and the half time show lol

  5. Looking at the damaged wall below the hoops made me laugh. My sister has a large basement and she to convince her kids they would want to move she promised them an indoor basketball court (sort of) well when they were working on the house, she told her husband, tell the contractors to leave the one wall cement and not to finish it. Because she knew if they did, it would look exactly like yours:) I'll have to show her this, it will give her a laugh too:)

  6. I love football and I am excited that Peyton Manning will be playing. The last time he won a Superbowl was when he played for my Indianapolis Colts. I love Peyton!!

  7. I would go nuts with the kids playing basketball in the house! But that is because instead of a damaged wall, we would have a demolished wall, ha ha. I love football but don't get into either team in the Super Bowl this year. My Steelers let me down!


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