Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In (#25)

Ah, Internet accountability. 
Time to post my Friday weigh-in results. 

I must admit, there were some bump ups this week. 
153.9 on Wednesday. 154.5 yesterday.
 I blame New Year's numminess ...
Sweet Chex Mix
Basically butter/sugar/corn syrup over cereal.
Addicting and easy to keep on eating.

Then there is the Pastry Wreath. My mother-in-law makes this every year. It's takes SO much work on her part, but it's tradition. I have NO idea how many calories are in this thing, and I haven't really even attempted to figure it out (we only eat it once a year).

I think that has definitely been a problem this week (and last week). Although I've logged every single day ... I must admit the accuracy of said logging is clearly in question. According to my food log, while I haven't been good ... I haven't been that bad. Oops, until I remember that chocolate malt hubby made ... I forgot to log that. What else did I forget?  I need to log things IMMEDIATELY (or before eating would be even better). And I'm never very good at weighing and measuring to correctly count one portion or two (or three, or four). 

So I'm not sure if the numbers mean much ... when I added up my overages with my good day (deficit) yesterday (I got a little inspired/mortified after those two higher weigh-ins) I ended up with a deficit of -157 for the week as a whole.  Average intake 2186. Average expenditure 2489.

My weight today of 151.6 ... well, it's lower than I started December at.  It's lower than my weigh-ins before I got sick. It's higher than 150. I don't want to be above 150.

My poor MFP ticker ... it just keeps slip sliding all over. This is back to where I was a few weigh-ins ago. I hope to get it back into the 30s, like it slipped to when I was sick. But I'm happy to earn it through exercise and eating.

Today is the last day of "vacation" for the kids. Back to school on Monday. We have a family thing tomorrow that will take up some time and cause some stress, but I'm really glad to be getting it done and over with. TOM has come to visit ... I don't know if that could be any cause of the bump up the last couple of days (honestly, I've tried to watch to see if that time of the month affects my weight and I can't say I really see any correlation) but I'm also glad it will be finishing up as the new week starts.

I know the New Year officially began on Wednesday, but for me ... it's this coming Monday. The return to the routine. No more excuses (I'm sick, it's the holidays, the kids are out of school, TOM). Hopefully EVERYONE is ready to get back on track and we can all motivate each other!

Linking up with JillConyers at Fitness, Health and Happiness (just the one, as my other Friday link-ups seem to be out of commission). Check out how others are doing, and link-up yourself. 


  1. Happy new year Jen! Loved the holidays, family and friends but I'm ready to be back to our normal routine.

  2. a 3 lb. loss in one day is super WOW! Good will be good for you to get back to a normal routine and diet. :)

    1. I seem to be having some pretty big fluctuations lately! I'd like to stay a little more steady!

  3. I think you've done well overall, and I would kill to be able to eat 2000 calories a day. That wreath thing looks delicious!

  4. You are still in the 'relative' same that's a victory!

  5. Right before and during my moon I always weigh more cuz I'm bloated. It's always a relief when it's over and the uncomfortableness and extra weight are gone.


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