Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Calendars & Keeping Track

 As 2013 was winding down, I started keeping my eye out for some calendars for the new year. I knew I'd have one for the kitchen (an annual family photo calendar is created each Christmas) but I want one by my desk, and one in my gym ... I always forget the date when I'm writing up my daily workout notes.

I've always loved calendars. I'm picky with my pictures, but I'm always able to find something I find beautiful or inspiring. Through the years, I've used calendars and day planners to write down my days. I think I like calendars more for looking back on, then for planning. I have a big box with all my old calendars. I can pull one out, glance over it and remember what life was like at a glance.

Because I have these calendars hanging on a wall, sometimes writing on them is a little tricky. So for several years now, I've printed out a simple calendar and I use that to record our "life". This isn't really for planning, but to provide a visual of the month. I keep it color coordinated for the different activities. These are small, clean and easily scannable to keep a back up on the computer as well. (BBP/BBG are basketball practice/games, just in case you were wondering *Ü*) 

I keep track of my workouts in an excel file. I also have my "streaks" calendars, but this year I thought I'd also try keeping track of my activity on a simple calendar, where I could see everything at a glance.
Here's the year so far ...

Does a calendar/keeping track help motivate you?


  1. I maintain a paper Daytimer for work, and every night I type out my revised 'to do' list. I don't like that electronically; I want to look over at a glance and see it laid out before me. I keep my last recorded weight on the bottom of that page, in parenthesis..keep it obscure. We have a kitchen calendar, but don't record on it. I use the monthly calendar in my Daytime for recording events we personally need to attend to, and birthdays. :)

  2. Such great ways to keep track of things! I keep starting planners and then slack for a while. I love that you track things as they happen so you can look back on them later - that is such a simple way to journal. Scanning and keeping them on the computer is a great idea too! I have finally started scheduling my workouts and so far (it's only been a week...) it keeps me accountable! Thanks so much for sharing with us today!!


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