Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Weather

Baby it's cold out there! The winter weather has been in the news quite a bit lately, as colder than normal temperatures have hit much of the US. Here in Utah ... the weather really hasn't been anything out of the ordinary (unlike last year when we got hit with an ice storm that shut down the city - you can read more about that and see some great videos that went viral on my family blog post Ice Is Not Nice, ah the memories!). My teens (#2 and #3) want to wear SHORTS to school! Crazy kids. They are inside for the day, but still. I did manage to make the munchkins wear pants, and even take a jacket and gloves. Unless the temperature is 23° or under, it's an outside day and they still have recess. 

The weather has actually "warmed" up a bit ... the sun is out, the snow is melting and I'm seeing quite a few joggers taking advantage and getting outdoors. Me? I'm an indoor exerciser. So winter weather doesn't really affect me much. My gym is simply down the stairs, so I don't even have to venture out on the streets to get my workouts in. It's always 58°-64° in my home gym. A little chilly in the winter as I start my workout, but I'm usually ready for my fan 10 minutes in. If I'm feeling cold, I'll go jump on the elliptical for twenty minutes, and that will warm me right up. 

A few days ago, some of the snowflakes falling were HUGEmongous! 

This picture doesn't quite do it justice, 
but I think you can see the size of some of those "flakes" 
(you really can't call those flakes!).

How is the weather in YOUR next of the woods?
Does Winter Weather impact your exercise routine?


  1. No snow here (Florida) but very cold for us! It was in the 30s this morning. I work out inside too, either at the gym or with my workout DVDs at home, so the weather doesn't affect my workouts very much until I finally get back into running like I keep saying I am going to do!

  2. The winter makes me depressed and it's harder to exercise. I've discovered something interesting, at least to me. It used to be that winter was a big comfort eating time to me, but I guess I've gotten so used to not eating a lot and eating different foods that the eating problem is now not eating too much but eating too little. It's hard to get up to 1200 calories. All I want to do is hide under the covers until the sun comes back out.


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