Monday, January 13, 2014


I do NOT do well with change. Ask my husband and he'll tell you that is an understatement. There are always changes in life however. As I look back on the past several years, 2006 was a year for changes. It was after the birth of our 5th and final child. Hubby changed jobs, and there was some other stuff going on. I lost 50 pounds. Exercise became an integral part of my life. Unfortunately eating right was never part of that change, so despite staying active, I did regain the weight eventually.

This past year it was time for a change again. I started counting and controlling calories (with the help of MFP) and saw success. The pounds dropped off pretty quickly at the start, then it's slowed and almost stalled. Is it time for a change again?

Now I KNOW that eating better is the answer. I see so many of you out there with your clean eating. I look at the pictures of "What I Ate Wednesday" and favorite recipes shared but I'm SO picky ... I look at what you are eating and it just doesn't work for me (Eating Issues). I'm also not ready to give up my sugar, chips and carbs. I am trying to control them better, but I'm still eating them. I'm still eating too many calories on a daily basis.

The theme for Motivation Monday this week is "Things I Will Do Differently This Year" ... although I know I need to focus more on the food, most of my planned changes are minor, and they target the exercise instead of the eating.

  • WEIGHTS: I decided to move my Monday full body weight session to Friday. I'm often a little stiff and sore after, which can impact my cardio Tues/Wed. I'm usually taking it easier Sat/Sun anyway, so any stiffness should have less impact with the move. It also helps keep my Mon-Thurs schedule a little more steady (Friday schedule is shifted anyway).  I do still plan on doing some strength training during the week (probably Jilllian's 30DS or Ripped). 
  • STREAKS: I've modified my STREAKS calendars somewhat. Previously, my "Elliptical" calendar required 100 minutes to get marked. I've changed that to 60 minutes ... so prepare to see some streaks this coming year! My "Mile" I'd previously marked only if I jogged it without stopping. I'm changing that to a mile walk/jog in general ... I'll get an "X" if it takes me 12 minutes (jogging) or 20 (with a walk).  
  • ANXIETY ISSUES: I have some anxiety issues. I haven't addressed it much here yet. My fears are generally pretty controllable and don't impact me too much, but they can cause some problems. My mom and SIL had a little "intervention" over the holidays pushing me to talk to a doctor, maybe get on some medication or counselling. IF I get around to doing that, there could be some changes ...
  • EATING: I'm hesitant to make any real food commitments ... because I don't want to fail. Yesterday I was WAY over my calories. Sundays are hard, as the family expects a big "Sunday Circle" (belgian waffle) breakfast and homemade oreos in the evening. I know I could just make but not partake ... but my self-control is lacking and these foods are so yummy to me. I'm trying to move our oreos to Monday. At least then I have some extra cardio to combat the calories.  I'll continue to TRY and control my calories, to try and eat better, but ... it's my struggle!
I'm so glad it's Monday again! I do find motivation in being back to my routine and structure! I have to admit, the weekend was not good. Uber overeating, underexercising (although I still got in some decent activity every day). Weight did go up a bit over the weekend, so time to buckle down again if I want to see success by Friday and forever. I need to try HARDER at keeping calories under control, at eating better. Monday linkups with Grab Your Kicks, A Life in Balance and RunawayBridalPlanner and of course ...
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  1. It looks like you have some really great changes planned! Have you ever tried "banking" your calories (or averaging them out throughout the week)? This is what I do so I can indulge one or two days a week and go over my usual calorie limit without actually going over to the point that it'll stop my weight loss. Basically you eat under your calorie limit some days, and over on others, just so long as by the end of the week the seven days average out to be under your calorie limit. If you want to "earn" those days first, then you can bank up calories by eating under the first few days and saving the remaining calories for a splurge later in the week. Maybe that can help with the food issue? Anyway, thanks for linking up to Motivate Me Monday! :-)

    1. I do calculate my "total weekly deficit" at the end of each week, so my overages and under days do HOPEFULLY balance out. I don't purposely "bank" calories, but I do almost always do better Mon-Thurs, knowing that can give me a little wiggle room on the weekend. It's just a bummer when I'm naughty enough that I cancel out my good days!

      I do love Mondays though, so much easier than the weekends! I'm always motivated to get back to being good.

  2. I am right there with ya on trying to eat better, and Sunday's are the hardest days of the week for me too, because we have a big family dinner that evening. My sisters have had great success with 1 day a week cheat days, and they eat super great the rest of the week, they've all lost great weight doing this method (can't remember the name of the diet they took the idea from.) But they pick Sunday's as their eat anything day. I might consider going that route myself, we'll see:)
    Good luck with all your weekly goals! You'll get there!!!

  3. Hey Jen, I hear you with the anxiety issues, it's really really hard and sometimes scary to admit you may have to chat with the doctor about these feelings but trust me, it gets easier and there are so many ways to cope with fears and anxieties. I've been there, if you need a friend, I'm here for you. It's also wonderful that you have a support system around you, that always helps too. Don't worry too much, you'll get through this :) xoxo

    1. I'd always dismissed my anxiety issues until I had to deal with them in my son. I did a lot of reading up on it and it opened my eyes a bit to some of the stuff I'm dealing with that I'd been just trying to ignore. But I'm getting worse in my old age ...

  4. Anxiety sucks! I hope you are able to get some relief. Switching things up with your routine can have great results! Good luck!

  5. You do pretty well including your favorite junk food. For me, that straddle between healthy and unhealthy food would never work. That is why I'm quite strict. If I could do what you're doing, I might choose food a bit differently.


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