Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In (#28)

I could have slept in today ... the kids are out of school (teacher work day for the end of the quarter) but #2 had 6:30am basketball practice. Oh well, let's get started on the day! I was actually somewhat excited to step on the scale and see what it said this morning. Just two days ago on Wednesday (and Mon/Tues) I'd been higher and wasn't sure I'd register a loss this week. But I did!

This happened last week too. A higher weight on Wednesday morning made me kick my butt into gear, and have really good days Wed/Thurs, enough to make a change by Friday weigh-in. 

I'd actually had a good weekend, maintaining my 149 number for a few days, despite the weekend. I actually kept calories in check (under 2000) Friday and Saturday!

Sunday, the family expects a homemade treat.  I made cookie-press cookies (pictured here).  It's SO easy to eat a lot of them without realizing it. They aren't too sweet, yet they keep you coming back for more. Most were gone by Monday, but I'd stuck a few in the freezer. I actually prefer them frozen to fresh. I kept nibbling the next couple days until they were gone. While I tracked calories, and thought I kept intake under burn (no deficit though), had high exercise (even with the Monday/MLK holiday) that is when the weight went up. The cookie effect ... least with our usual Sunday treat of homemade oreos, I limit myself to one or two as they are quite rich. The initial caloric intake is higher, but there are never leftovers to tempt me afterward.

I kept the sugar under control the past two days (not saying I didn't have any, but a lot less than the usual) and even had THREE servings of fruit yesterday. I struggle to get my fruit/veggie quota in so that's rare for me. I upped my exercise and was happy to see some reflection in the scale.

In fact ... I saw a new number on my MFP ticker!

Number crunch time ... 149.1, down .8 since last week, but my average actually dropped over a pound (from 151.93 to 150.76).  My weekly deficit was 4439 (so I exceeded my 3500 goal). My average intake was 1993 (under 2000, yea!) and while I had several 3000+ days, I didn't quite get my burn average up. It was 2838. You can see more detail in my Day to Day Doings if desired. I felt it was a good week. Even though my dryer broke. Doing laundry is no fun, but not being ABLE to do laundry is even worse!

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  1. Looks like a good weigh-in! What is your goal range? Seems like you must be pretty close!

    1. "Goal" would be 135, but I'm really ok with anything under 150, as long as I STAY under 150 and don't bump over it like I did this week. So I still need to lose a few more pounds to give me a little lee-way for the daily fluctuations and bad days that happen :)

  2. Looks like you are back on track. My goal is 135 too, but I am happy with the 140-142 I have been weighing lately. I would like to lose the last few pounds over time. My main goal right now is to just stay in the range I'm in. I don't know how you can eat a few cookies. I would just keep going until they were gone. That's why I just try to stay away from sweets entirely.

  3. You're doing great! I've been sitting at 152 for a week now, but I just started weight lifting more than I used I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a little right now. But as long as it's muscle, I'm okay with that!

  4. Keep it up Jen! WTG exceeding your goal!


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